Hurricane Season also means Flood Season

We’ve all seen those viral videos on Facebook of someone with a tired look on their face, rowing across their own front lawn in a kayak after a natural disaster strikes, evaluating the damage that surrounds their community. Contrary to popular local beliefs, these natural disasters don’t just hit southeastern states like Florida, Georgia, and […]

Do the Spurs a Favor: Throw a ‘Revenge on the Raptors’ Watch Party

If you’re still on the couch, eating ice cream and figuring out how to deal with the absence of our beloved Spurs in the NBA Finals this year, we’re here to be a true friend and help you rise up to the occasion! After all, we have some leftover competitive spirit we’re willing to share with the […]

San Antonio Wedding Season Survival Guide

San Antonio hosted 14,630 weddings in 2018, at an average cost of $27,760, which means you have some seriously good changes of attending a fancy-pants San Antonio wedding this summer. Nuptial season is upon us, so whether you’re the bride or groom, or just a distinguished guest, these tips will help you survive summer wedding season like […]

Preparing Your Home for a New Dog or Cat

As the summer days get longer, so does the yearning to introduce a furry warm-weather-loving buddy from the animal shelter into your home. Before you make that temptation a reality, organize a game plan for a new-to-you feline or fido with these simple steps to prep your home for an animal adoption. Establish a Behavior Plan As […]

Create a Modern Low-Water Landscape for a Hot Texas Summer

If you’ve been enjoying the backyard recently, you may have noticed that along with all the lush greens and thick grass comes some serious maintenance, along with an excess of watering. It takes time to water your grass by hand, working around the inevitable water restrictions that are bound to come along. Having extra water […]

How to Throw the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

The recent San Antonio thunderstorms have brought the sights of spring into full force – healthy grass, buzzing bugs, and the thick smell of Texas barbecue in the air. The time is here, and we’re helping you throw the perfect backyard barbecue this spring and summer. Splurge on Top-Quality Meat They say the best way […]

These Hidden Dangers Are Lurking Around Your Home

Having a homeowners insurance policy that covers the assets in your home is the first step in protecting yourself from stressful situations like damaging storms, leaky plumbing, and burglary. But what hidden dangers are happening right in front of your eyes that can trigger those little accidents to happen in your sacred space? Here are four hidden […]

4 Types of Coverages You Especially Need During Fiesta

Living in San Antonio means being surrounded by various cultures and exciting events, but nothing quite compares to the energy and spirit felt around town when it’s Fiesta season. As soon as the month of April comes around, it’s instantly party-planning time. Whether you’re considering throwing a fiesta-fun event at your home, or even if you […]

Driving in San Antonio : A Safety Guide

San Antonio is known for having the best tacos. But, best drivers? Not so much. This is sadly confirmed by the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report with the Alamo City ranking in at only 141 out of 200 cities in the country. Safe driving can be quite tricky when you are sharing the road with over half a […]

6 Things You Should Know About Car Insurance

It is no secret that auto insurance gives you the financial protection you need when it comes to your car. However, many people still just get the minimum amount of coverage needed in order to be legally allowed to drive, but lack of knowledge could be keeping them from making the most out of their […]