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4 Types of Coverages You Especially Need During Fiesta

Living in San Antonio means being surrounded by various cultures and exciting events, but nothing quite compares to the energy and spirit felt around town when it’s Fiesta season. As soon as the month of April comes around, it’s instantly party-planning time. Whether you’re considering throwing a fiesta-fun event at your home, or even if you like to party solo, you should keep your valued assets safe with homeowners insurance protection, so that you can fiesta freely, with no worries!

Personal Property

No one wants to think about their home or belongings getting damaged when an accident happens, especially when you’re trying to have a good time! We know Cousin Tina’s margaritas are the best, but blowing up the fancy blender you just got is not what you had in mind when you wanted to have a “blast” with family and friends. It’s important that you have a thorough homeowners insurance policy in place, so that your home and the contents therein are protected, and can be replaced fully.

Personal Liability

At every gathering of friends and family, your home is meant to be a welcoming, inviting atmosphere, but accidents happen, even in the joyful season of spring. If one of your VIPs slips and falls while on your property, you could be held liable for any sustained injuries. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to this situation, which can become especially awkward when it involves family and friends.

Jewelry, Fine Arts, & Collectibles

Sure, Fiesta medals are special, but not quite as special as your grandmother’s diamond engagement ring, or the heirloom artwork you’ve kept in stellar condition over the years. A good home insurance plan protects your valuable personal property if it comes up damaged, or mysteriously missing. Fiesta medals are replaceable, but not all fine arts and collectibles are.

Additional Living Expense/Loss of Use

Of course, your guests wouldn’t get so out of hand that your house would be deemed uninhabitable from damage, but a severe Texas storm can. Did you know your homeowners insurance can help cover the expenses of lodging, food, and other daily items if your home has severe enough damage that you have to move out while it is being repaired or rebuilt? That’s exactly the kind of coverage you need.

This month is a time for celebration of San Antonio culture, so it’s also time to start checking off items on the party checklist. “Book” your home as the venue, but take some time out to protect the assets that you’ve worked extremely hard for. At SOGO Wealth & Risk Management, we can help you outline and define exactly what should be covered in your home, so that you can feel confident and at ease. It’s hard to imagine that things could go wrong during such an exciting and celebratory time in our city, but accidents can be hiding around the corner, and it’s time you make sure you are properly prepared. Contact us today to find out what path is right for you and your valuables, and you’ll be ready by Fiesta to party!