Preparing Your Home for a New Dog or Cat

As the summer days get longer, so does the yearning to introduce a furry warm-weather-loving buddy from the animal shelter into your home. Before you make that temptation a reality, organize a game plan for a new-to-you feline or fido with these simple steps to prep your home for an animal adoption.

Establish a Behavior Plan

As hard at it is to say “no” to puppy dog eyes, you’ve got to get clear on your boundaries for your new pet. Be consistent, and share those boundaries with family and friends that interact with your animal. The more you’re able to have the same expectations for the animal across the board, the more quickly they will pick up on those “family rules” you’re setting in place. Grab a jar and fill it with small, healthy treats to reinforce good behavior, and practice taking calm walks on the leash, Cesar Millan-style. Choose short, concise, and clear words for your animal to clearly understand when you’re communicating certain commands, and save the baby talk for snuggle sessions instead.

Prepare for Inevitable Accidents & Destruction

We’re not talking about a nuclear war here, but you should definitely prepare your home for what’s surely going to come: accidental tinkles and an array of messes you’ll need to clean up after. Find an all-natural carpet cleaner and air freshener to combat the cold puddles, and keep a small broom and dustpan handy for rawhide and tuna treat debris. Have plenty of toys and stimulating toys for your friend to play with while you’re out and about around town. Practice being calm and understanding when they do something naughty, and remember they’re learning the boundaries just like you did when you were new to the world.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Visit our “two-legged hooman” friends, Dr. Powell, Dr. Horstmann, and Dr. Lejeune, who offer the whole kit and kaboodle of vet services over at Acorn Hill Animal Hospital. As Yelp’s Top-Rated Veterinarian in San Antonio, the clinic keeps clients smiling and tails wagging with their array of services, which include basic veterinary care, along with dermatology care, surgery, laser therapy, dentistry, and even behavior therapy. Stock up on flea, tick, and heart worm prevention to keep your pup or cat safe from summertime bugs, and protect your floors, carpets, and skin from jumpy, bitey parasites that aren’t invited in your home.

At SOGO, we take man’s best friend very seriously, so perhaps most importantly, secure pet insurance for your new family member, so that you can sleep soundly at night (minus the sleep-barking dreams your doggo suffers from, and the “biscuits” your cat tries to knead on your face). SOGO is also here to back you up with homeowners insurance if your four legged friend thinks the mailman is a tasty snack and decides to see for themselves! You (and the whole crew) will appreciate the coverage if any major incidents happen.

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