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How to Throw the Perfect Backyard Barbecue

The recent San Antonio thunderstorms have brought the sights of spring into full force – healthy grass, buzzing bugs, and the thick smell of Texas barbecue in the air. The time is here, and we’re helping you throw the perfect backyard barbecue this spring and summer.

Splurge on Top-Quality Meat

They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Show your guests how excited you are to host them when you present them with top-quality goods. Splurging for a more tender cut of meat, or more flavorful burgers, will be totally worth withstanding the heat of the grill when your friends and family declare your pork ribs their new favorite recipe. Put a new twist on the ordinary with a customized spice blend from Rick’s Treaux Gourmet Spices, or by providing some heat with locally-made Tio Pelon’s Salsita. Don’t forget about your friends with dietary needs. Find out who needs a different meal, and provide something that meets those restrictions so that every single one of your guests feels included (and loved!)

Provide Cocktails and Mocktails

All that meat is making us thirsty. Plan to provide an assortment of beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. Your adult guests will appreciate the cold craft beer, while the littles will appreciate the bubbly treat of classic root beer or strawberry soda.  Feeling collaborative? Have guests bring the main liquors, but provide a “bar buffet” of cocktail accoutrements and mixing tools. Allow guests to make “signature” cocktails and mocktails and provide a small prize to the contestant who created the most delicious drink.

Cover Your Bases with Thoughtful Entertainment

Most likely, your backyard barbecue will include all types of people from different tastes and traditions. Bring everyone together with the magic of music, playing upbeat tunes, or classic country, to bring the summer vibes to the table. Entertain the kiddos with age-appropriate activities that keep them from tugging at their parents shirts. Lay out a table of water toys and bubbles. Purchase a few sports balls for tossing. Create that same fun atmosphere you remember from your childhood summers. Don’t become a device bully and make guests “check-in” their phones at the door, but instead, create an interactive experience that encourages both social sharing, and in-person interaction. Create a hashtag for your event, and share it with the group. Snag something like #garciabackyardbash for a social win.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen. One easy way to ruin a party is to invite people into a swarm of creatures hungry for their own meal. Texas mosquitos are no joke, so provide a basket of problem-prevention, including bug spray, sunscreen, and anti-itch cream for those little pests that snuck past your DEET forcefield. Feeling extra sweet? Provide organic, natural options for your crunchy friends. Nobody needs bug bites and sunburns bringing them down.

Now that you’ve got the tips you need to throw down a get-together worth remembering, schedule the date and invite your favorite people over to your casa for the perfect backyard bash. SOGO is here to help keep your home protected from barbecue blunders by providing homeowners insurance and other personal insurances like renter’s insurancecondo insurance, and even secondary home insurance for those exciting beach vacations. Contact us to discuss coverage before you schedule the first party of the spring and summer months!

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