The benefits of Having a Water Softening System In Your Home

San Antonio’s hottest summer is here, which means so is the season for sun rays and outdoor fun. Summers these days, though, look a lot different than they did in years past. A new wave of health-conscious perspective has emerged, and people are taking better care of their bodies and minds more than ever.

San Antonio water is infamously hard, meaning it’s concentration is high in dissolved minerals. Since the majority of our water comes from the Edwards Aquifer, we have plenty of microscopic bits of limestone and calcium sediment naturally floating around in there, and while the United States Geological Survey states that while hard water does not pose a health risk, it can be seen (or felt!) as a nuisance. The reaction it can have with soap, and even our skin, is certainly contributing to the reason why many San Antonio families are choosing to install water treatment systems in their homes, for both outdoor and indoor benefits.

In hot climates like ours, it’s immensely important to have outdoor amenities that help keep us cool. Those who have a swimming pool have an added benefit in the Texas sun, and some families are taking that benefit a step further by choosing to have a salt water pool versus a classic chlorinated pool. Unlike a traditional chlorinated pool, swimming in a saltwater pool can be good for your skin, leaving it smoother, softer, and less irritated by added chemicals. Studies have been conducted that prove that saltwater pools can even help those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, and acne due to the naturally-exfoliating properties of the water. If you imagined a salt water pool to be like swimming in the ocean, think again. Though the water does have salt in it, you leave the pool feeling refreshed and clean, versus sticky and salty.

Water treatment can go beyond the outdoors, and right into our homes for even more health benefits. Knowing that water is the most important nutrient for all animals, it’s essential for us to ensure we are getting the healthiest version of water we have access to. When we add water to our cooking, cleaning, and hygiene routines, we face a need for softer water every single day, and San Antonio families are looking to water treatment systems to help get access to that liquid gold right at the turn of a faucet. Soft water even helps appliances, plumbing, pipes, and faucets run more smoothly and efficiently due to the lack of sediment buildup, meaning you can spend less time worrying, and more time in your salt water pool. Elite Water Systems right here in San Antonio is the largest supplier of water softening products to home builders in Texas, so it’s no secret that the benefits of treated water are becoming more well-known, and in high demand. Smooth skin and healthy organs, here we come!

While you’re considering making big water improvements to your home, contact us about insurance to protect your new desert oasis. SOGO offers a multitude of policies, including home insurance and  flood insurance, just in case a disaster is trying to ruin your summer fun activities. Whether you’re already a SOGO homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policy-holder, we’re here to provide the extra coverage you need to be prepared for anything. Let our team begin working on a solution for you and your family, and visit Elite Water of Texas on Facebook, or contact them on the web for more information on how to create your own soft water haven right at home.

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