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These Hidden Dangers Are Lurking Around Your Home

Having a homeowners insurance policy that covers the assets in your home is the first step in protecting yourself from stressful situations like damaging storms, leaky plumbing, and burglary. But what hidden dangers are happening right in front of your eyes that can trigger those little accidents to happen in your sacred space? Here are four hidden dangers lurking around your home that you can easily FIX to protect yourself from disaster.

Clean out that lint drawer.

No, really. You’ve heard the appliance repair man tell his horror stories of full dryer lint baskets and sparked fires, so heed his warnings and clean it out. Taking a few seconds to swipe out the lint can prevent accidental fires in your laundry room. You already have enough to do with that lingering pile of dirty laundry to clean. Don’t add “deal with house fire” to that long list of to-dos.

Declutter your messy garage.

It’s springtime, and the weather is starting to be sunny & cool, which is perfect weather for you to open up your garage door and have a garage clean-out day! Grab some gloves, put on your work boots, and start decluttering that catch-all space. Hazardous materials like paint and gasoline are usually housed here, so it’s important to keep the area organized and free from being a fire’s dream come true. Bonus points for finally breaking down all those Amazon boxes and recycling them! Now you have more room and creating a danger-free zone.

Find out where that drip, drip, drip is coming from.

There is a reason why your faucets have been acting funny on you. Bite the bullet and have a plumber check your home’s plumbing lines to ensure that you are not on the brink of a flooding disaster. The hassle of a house flood is not worth the little bit of extra cash you’ll spend on getting it checked out. The plumbing can be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation for your home, but take some time to take care of the veins of your home and have them checked!

Secure your windows and protect from theft.

The feeling you have after a home invasion is one that is hard to shake. Not only are your valuable possessions gone, but now you have to deal with the thought of someone being in your personal space. It’s hard to relax knowing that something went terribly wrong, so take a proactive step and stop windows in your home from being an open invitation for burglars. There are many inexpensive and safe options that offer this protection, and can be easily found at home improvement stores around the city. It’s worth the extra step to keep your family and belongings safe.

Of course, our helpful agents at SOGO Wealth & Risk Management can help protect these assets when disaster strikes, but take these simple steps first to minimize the chances of any of those disasters from happening. Being a proactive homeowner saves you time, money, and hassle in the long run.