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Driving in San Antonio : A Safety Guide

San Antonio is known for having the best tacos. But, best drivers? Not so much. This is sadly confirmed by the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report with the Alamo City ranking in at only 141 out of 200 cities in the country. Safe driving can be quite tricky when you are sharing the road with over half a million vehicles and citizens each day,  so here are our top 5 tips to help make your commute a more safe and enjoyable one!

5. Don’t Drink and Drive

San Antonio’s DUI fatality rate is 56 percent higher than other large cities in Texas and 77 percent higher than the state average as of 2018. This puts San Antonio in the top 10 deadliest cities in Texas for drunk driving. Alcohol affects you in a way that changes your judgment, depth perception, as well as vital motor skills required to drive safely. Don’t be another statistic, there are always better options to get you home safe and sound after a night of drinking.

4. Click It Or Ticket : Wear a seat belt!

Although deaths among people not wearing seat belts decreased 8 percent from 2016 to 2017,  the “Click it or Ticket” campaign is still reminding San Antonians each day that buckling up is more important than ever. Bottom line, seat belts save lives. Wearing one can help keep you from being ejected in the event of a crash or rollover and increases your chances of survival by 45 percent in a passenger vehicle and up to 60 percent in a pickup truck.

3. Bad Weather Alert: Turn Around Don’t Drown!

Let’s drop a little science into the mix here. San Antonio is built on rock, therefore when we have heavy downpours of rain, the water basically has nowhere to go. This results in flooding especially in lowest lying areas within the city. Many times drivers cannot tell how deep the water really is (especially at night) so don’t even think about going past that barricade! It is strongly encouraged to find an alternate route in the event of a flood blocking your way.

2. Vehicle Maintenance

You do not want to find yourself stalled on the side of the road. Although the situation is sometimes out of our control, we can do small things to make it a less common event. Before hitting the road, it’s always best to give your vehicle a quick check to make sure everything is in working order. Always keep up with your oil changes and regular vehicle maintenance to make your daily commutes a safe and stress-free one. We recommend checking with your Auto Insurance provider to make sure you have Road Side Assistance available in your policy in case the unexpected happens.

1. Avoid Distractions

No surprise that distracted driving is dangerous and according to TxDOT, distracted driving was a factor in over 100,000 auto accidents in 2016 alone. Of the number of accidents recorded, 3,087 resulted in serious injuries.  Distracted drivers put themselves and other motorists at risk for life-threatening injuries and even fatalities. All without any justifiable reasons. All driving distractions can be avoided so put down the phone and wrap up that taco. It can wait!