Do the Spurs a Favor: Throw a ‘Revenge on the Raptors’ Watch Party

If you’re still on the couch, eating ice cream and figuring out how to deal with the absence of our beloved Spurs in the NBA Finals this year, we’re here to be a true friend and help you rise up to the occasion! After all, we have some leftover competitive spirit we’re willing to share with the next best option. #cheerstothat

Of course, we would never wish *too* much bad luck on any one person or any team, but we’ve still got a bitter taste in our mouth from all the Kawhi Leonard drama (read: utter betrayal), so we want to spend as much time supporting the Golden State Warriors, coached by former Spur Steve Kerr, as long as it means Kawhi and friends have to spend some time on their sad couch too. Here’s our plan for your perfect game day “Revenge on the Raptors” watch party:

  • Bust out abuelita’s prayer candles and light ‘em up. Even if you don’t believe in the power of the candles to guide the Warriors to a win, at least you’ll have some nice ambient lighting for Friday’s late-night game, right?
  • Make plenty of room for your Spurs familia with a good amount of seating. Bring in the folding chairs, if needed, because the more fans we can cram together, the better the vibes will be. Out of chairs? Do the classic 1980s move and bring out the quilts to provide picnic-style comfort right on the living room floor.
  • Create a full-blown San Antonio food spread that the Spurs would be proud of, including your special playoff recipes of “payback al pastor,” “retaliation ‘ritas,” and “retribution refried beans.” At the very least, the delectable food will be a winner no matter the score of the game. Bonus: All of these menu items can be prepared ahead of time, giving you time to get game day focused on cleaning your house that you’ve left messy while you grieve.
  • After dinner, have an easy dessert ready to serve, like orange-frosted basketball cupcakes or cookies. Pre-popped kettle corn makes for a sweet after-dinner treat and fun party favor. Having easy treats allows you to do more important things, like spend time yelling at the TV, and less time on the last minute details of a fussy dessert.

While you and the rest of the city gather together to promote some good old-fashioned sports rivalries while eating delicious treats in the name of Los Spurs, remember that SOGO is your San Antonio family too, and we’re also here to back you up with homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance to protect you against disasters, like Kawhi leaving our precious Spurs, or your jumpy friend who accidentally knocked over the prayer candles on the coffee table. Contact us so we can begin working on a custom solution that will help you keep your head in the game when it comes to insurance needs.

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