San Antonio Wedding Season Survival Guide

San Antonio hosted 14,630 weddings in 2018, at an average cost of $27,760, which means you have some seriously good changes of attending a fancy-pants San Antonio wedding this summer. Nuptial season is upon us, so whether you’re the bride or groom, or just a distinguished guest, these tips will help you survive summer wedding season like a champ. #weddinghashtagsherewecome

Be Prepared: Before the Ceremony

  • If you don’t think you can manage yet another trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the registry gift search nightmare, have no fear. Be a wedding season professional by purchasing several “backup” wedding cards to stash in your vehicle for on-the-go, no-fuss gifts for the lucky couple. On the way to the venue, swing by the ATM and withdraw the best gift you could ever give them – cold, hard cash.
  • Taking kiddos to witness the love? Pack up a small bag of “quiet” toys, or “busy books.” They’re cute, but no bride or groom wants to hear the chitter-chatter of boredom from your five-year-old while they’re trying to commit their love to each other for-e-ver.
  • Eat a snack ahead of time. There will probably be *lovely* plates of gourmet nibbles and crudite at the reception, but have a healthy snack to avoid getting hangry during the post-ceremony photographs.

“I Do, You Do Too:” During the Ceremony

  • Don’t ruin all the fun selfie opps with a giant mosquito bite on your forehead, or from being too stinky to sit with. Keep a small bag of travel-sized toiletries, including bug spray and deodorant, so you can freshen up after that long ceremony in the sun.
  • Hydrate like crazy. No, not with wine. Stick to water during the ceremony so that you can enjoy the good stuff later, without feeling dizzy or icky. Your body will thank you later!

When the Candles Burn Out: After the Ceremony

  • Your shoes sure look sharp on the dance floor, but after the big party, your dogs will be barking. Keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes or slippers in the car so that the drive home won’t be as terrible as the best man’s dance moves.
  • Rehearse your elevator speech. The bride and groom will shortly be whisked away to a honeymoon paradise, and likely won’t have time to chit chat about how your day was, so practice your elevator speech and get to the point with the lovebirds when you tell them congratulations, and that you’re over-the-moon happy for them.

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