It’s Black Restaurant Week in San Antonio

For the third year in a row, Black Restaurant Week San Antonio has kicked off its annual week of food specials and celebrations. The special culinary event features yummy treats from black-owned businesses and business owners around the SA scene. This year, despite COVID-19 raining on nearly every San Antonio parade and special event, the […]

Two Places to Dine in San Antonio During Culinaria Restaurant Week

WARNING: Do not read this post while you’re hungry or you will be knocking down the doors of several local San Antonio restaurants participating in Culinaria’s Restaurant Week. Not familiar with the event? Culinaria, a non-profit organization that promotes San Antonio’s food and wine culture, hosts their famous Restaurant Week, but for a number of […]

Tips and Tricks for setting up a Home Gym

It’s time to pump it up! 2021 is here and you’ve made some health-related goals that it’s time to stick to. Joining a gym is possible, but difficult, because of COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place. Even though the vaccine has been released and many San Antonians are beginning to take part in them, […]

How to avoid Holiday Cooking Disasters This Season

With the way 2020 has gone so far, you can’t blame us for ignoring the food situation and just praying that this Thanksgiving and Christmas season was accident-free in the kitchen. With all the little “surprises” that have come our way this year, we were really bracing ourselves for anything, from knife slips to burned […]

Five San Antonio-Area Hiking Spots to Shave Off Turkey Weight

Imagine: You’ve stuffed yourself full of Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and dressing. Chances are, even if you weren’t hungry, you might have shoveled a piece of pumpkin, pecan, and apple pie in that belly too because it’s #2020 and we deserve it. You’re waddling to your recliner or favorite loveseat of choice, and you […]

Tips for Safe Hunting in South Texas

It’s almost deer season, baby. As South Texans, we all at least know someone who hunts white-tailed deer, or we’ve gone ourselves in the chilly early November days. Some hunt for actual deer meat while others just enjoy the sounds and views of nature in the late fall/early winter. Maybe you’re headed out to a […]

Halloween 2020 COVID19 Pandemic Edition

Trick or treat? The entire year has been somewhat of a trick, hasn’t it? Amid the pandemic, it’s been hard to find joy, whether you’ve been an essential worker bravely trudging into work, or if you’ve been coaching kiddo through virtual schoolwork at home. But this Halloween, the kiddos deserve something to look forward to. […]

A Personal Guide to a Safe and Healthy Start of Fall

Pass the pumpkin bread, y’all, it’s Fall! San Antonio weather has been amazing, with temperatures dropping into the 40s, and even though temps have been climbing back up to the 90s throughout the day, we’re still pumped about breaking out our scarf collection a little early this year. Of course, with the excitement of cooler […]

4 Labor Day Quarantine Plans to safely enjoy the Holiday

Let’s not sugarcoat it. So far, 2020 has sucked. We’ve had countless events ruined by Coronavirus, and Labor Day is no exception. Normally, we’d be prepping our best barbecue recipes and loading up the beer fridge in preparation for a killer celebration with friends. This year, you may be worried that your only Labor Day […]

Take a Summer Drive Down These Country Roads

Just when we thought things might be getting better, the health concerns in Texas have soared into panic-mode again. There are many contributing factors to how this could have happened, but what we know for sure is that any kind of future entertainment for the next few months is going to be sort of lonely, […]