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4 Labor Day Quarantine Plans to safely enjoy the Holiday

Let’s not sugarcoat it. So far, 2020 has sucked. We’ve had countless events ruined by Coronavirus, and Labor Day is no exception. Normally, we’d be prepping our best barbecue recipes and loading up the beer fridge in preparation for a killer celebration with friends. This year, you may be worried that your only Labor Day plans are catching up on laundry and Netflix. But no worries, friends. We’ve got you covered with stellar insurance policies AND your germ-free Labor Day plans. 

  • Dust off Summer Novels On your BookshelfWe won’t tell anybody that you’ve ordered more books from Amazon than you could have ever expected to read through in your past pre-quarantined life. We’ve all got that stash of brand new books that now have a lovely layer of dust on the spine. Make yourself proud and peruse the shelves for that one book you’ve been putting off. Instead of curling up on the couch like you normally might do, grab the mosquito spray and head outside for a dusk-lit reading session on the back porch. Bonus points if you spot any fireflies buzzing about.  
  • Create Your Own Drive-Thru MovieWe know you’re sick of Netflix. We are too. But this time, you can create a different kind of movie night. Grill some hotdogs, pop some popcorn, and maybe even grab a box of Milk Duds. Open up that tailgate and pile on some old blankets for an old-fashioned movie night. We know you might not have a projector, so grab your iPad or laptop and watch the movie from the comfort of your vehicle. Bonus points if you sneak a smooch from the one you love.
  • Cook Up a New RecipeForget the barbecue for a night. We already know we’re good at smokin’ up those ribs. Try something new, like a fancy pasta dish, or a seafood paella. With the convenience of grocery pick-up, you can still order a nice bottle of wine and recreate a five-star meal, right in your own kitchen, and in your PJs no less. Share the recipe with your friends (in an email, of course!) and challenge them to try a new recipe of their own. Bonus points if you commit to making this newly-found gourmet meal for your friends once the germs let up.
  • Have a Cocktail Experiment NightIt might have been a little weird to drink alone before the quarantine, but we’re giving you a free pass to enjoy a cocktail or two without inviting over the whole neighborhood. Try something you wouldn’t normally drink, like a fruity or summery drink, or that craft beer you’ve been eyeing. Bonus points if you write a review on the drink like you’re a professional food critic.

While you’re hanging out at home enjoying Labor Day 2020, don’t forget to schedule a time to talk to one of our agents about your beloved digs. Having the right home insurance policy can ensure you’re not up a creek without a paddle when it comes to unfortunately common incidents like burglary, fire, or property damage. We’ve got your back, and your home, so give us a call (on Tuesday!) to chit chat about your home insurance policy. 

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