How to avoid Holiday Cooking Disasters This Season

With the way 2020 has gone so far, you can’t blame us for ignoring the food situation and just praying that this Thanksgiving and Christmas season was accident-free in the kitchen. With all the little “surprises” that have come our way this year, we were really bracing ourselves for anything, from knife slips to burned turkeys and kitchens. Holiday cooking can be one of those special things that can trigger happy memories in an instant. It only takes one little bite of a family favorite to really bring back all the warm fuzzy feelings you had from childhood get-togethers based around a turkey or ham. But for many, over the years, best intentions can turn to trips to the hospital, so we’ve got some tips to help you avoid holiday cooking disasters that can lead to injury or damage this season. 

Read the Directions When Cooking Meat

We’re not kidding. You may be a roasting pro, having made several successful and beautiful hunks of meat in the past, but we urge you to check the label and make note of the size of the piece of meat you’re working with so that you can cook it for the correct amount of time. Whether you’re baking, smoking, or frying something, you should check the pounds and calculate the precise amount of time, checking on the meat as you go so it doesn’t catch fire. Unfortunately, once a piece of meat catches fire, it’s easy for the fire to get carried away quickly because of the sheer amount of fat that is likely on the meat. For safety measures, have a bowl of flour nearby in case of an emergency, and NEVER throw water on a fire, as it will only explode. If something does catch fire, throw flour instead. 

Compost Those Potato Peels 

Do not – we repeat – do not throw all those potato peels in your garbage disposal. Contrary to popular belief, your disposal is not hungry and is not invincible. As powerful as the motor can be, potato peels can quickly clog a disposal, meaning an overflowing sink of brown, starchy water all over your kitchen floor, potentially causing damage to some types of floors and wooden cabinetry. 

Serve Reasonable Amounts of Alcohol 

Having carloads of family around can be stressful on a normal holiday, but COVID-themed holiday meals having to be coordinated over Zoom and delivery can also be a little nerve-wracking. If you opt to have guests at your holiday meal (socially distanced, of course), don’t solve the stress with too many beers or bottles of wine. So many things can go wrong, like forgetting about whatever is in the oven, or having a guest walk around your home with two left feet. Priceless artwork, custom millwork, expensive furniture, and even family pets can be injured when someone gets a little “too festive.” Avoid serving too much alcohol and prevent an accident from happening.  

No matter where you gather this holiday season, please be careful and use your best judgment before making any rash decisions. If you find yourself up Accident River without a paddle, you can call your SOGO agent and we can help you secure a policy that will cover you through turkey gravy and unfortunate accidents. 

In case you missed it: “Five San Antonio-Area Hiking Spots to Shave Off Turkey Weight” has some beautiful areas around town that are waiting for you. When the weather is clear, cool, and crisp, you can put on your hiking boots or walking shoes and get out there and get a bit sweaty. Work off the holiday food poundage you may have gained and feel good about ending out the year on a good note. As we round out the year, we invite you to evaluate your insurance needs and let us review those with you. We know we can help you cover the areas in your life that may be left a little vulnerable during this strange time in our lives. Call our team and let’s work through the details together.