Tips and Tricks for setting up a Home Gym

It’s time to pump it up! 2021 is here and you’ve made some health-related goals that it’s time to stick to. Joining a gym is possible, but difficult, because of COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place. Even though the vaccine has been released and many San Antonians are beginning to take part in them, we still have to be careful about heading to the crowded (and sometimes germy) gym. The perfect solution is to set up a home gym right in the comfort of your garage or spare bedroom. We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to successfully create a space that is both efficient and practical. 

Pick a Machine with a Wide Variety of Functions – If you decide to go all out and get a whole exercise machine, make sure it covers the bases in terms of what exactly you want to work out. Sure, a Peloton is popular and exciting, but are you needing to focus on strength training as well? Research different types of machines depending on the workout you’re hoping to get. Are you in it for the cardio? Consider a bike or elliptical. Are you in it for the glamour muscles? Consider kettlebells or an extensive weight set. Are you in it for peace of mind? Consider ditching a machine altogether and making a yoga station. Whatever works for you, get the correct machinery for the job.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune – You do not have to cash out your life savings in order to have a perfectly good home gym in your reach. Some of the best workout tools are simple and cost-effective, like a jump rope, foam rollers, resistance bands, or some good old-fashioned athletic shoes for running in place. Even yoga mats can be effective for a wind-down session, or as a general cushion under your feet for when you are lifting weights. So many exercises and stretches can be done using just your body versus gravity and the concrete floor of your garage.

Don’t Forget Ventilation – If you do end up using the garage, decide on whether or not you’ll need a fan or small air conditioning unit plugged in for proper ventilation. If you decide to use a room inside the house, don’t forget to consider things like 1) is this room hot in the afternoon when I intend to work out? And 2) How close is this space to my partner’s home office and will they hear my workout music while they’re on a conference call for work? You will want a well-ventilated space because your body will be begging for those precious oxygen molecules the harder you pump your blood through your body.

Keep It Organized – If you’re serious about having a mini gym in your home, then get serious about the way you organize it. The last thing you need is a trip to the hospital because you tripped over a jump rope you could have easily hung up. No one wants to walk into a home gym that is messy and not prepared for a good, focused workout. If you are sharing this home gym with anyone else in your home, plan to have antibacterial wipes close by, and consider an air freshener in a tightly-enclosed space. 

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