SOGO’s High Hopes for 2021

After the difficult year, the whole world just experienced, you can guess that we really mean it when we say, “Happy New Year, SOGO Family!” We are relieved that 2020 is officially in the books, and are feeling positive about all that is to come in 2021. We began last year with really no way of predicting all that would happen, and of course, we have no way of knowing exactly what will come in 2021, but we know what we’re hopeful for. Here’s our wish for the new year.

We Hope for Health
First and foremost, if we could wish anything away, it would be to get rid of COVID-19 for good. We hope 2021 brings our families and friends health and good fortune. No more hospital beds, respirators, face masks, temperature checks at the door, and untimely deaths. We hope the world gets the break from the sickness that it needs, and that our “normal” daily activities are considered healthy again. Even if it means waiting in line at the grocery store (a little closer than 6 feet apart) again, we’ll take it!

We Hope for Restaurant Dates
Goodness gracious, we miss eating out at restaurants without the restrictions. Remember sitting in a semi-loud restaurant full of laughter and mariachi music? Or going on a special date (mask-free) in a candlelit café? We hope 2021 is an opportunity for more memories to be made table-side. We miss the food, the experience, and the people we enjoyed those meals with. Once we are safe to do it again, let’s get a bite. And please pass the chips and guacamole this way.

We Hope for Local Events
We can practically hear the Spurs game night music now, a la Jock Jams “Are you ready for this?” and the WHOOSH of the Spurs Coyote t-shirt cannon goodies whizzing past our ears. We can taste the chicken-on-a-stick and puffy tacos from Fiesta, and could really use a Halloween party or two. So many San Antonio-areas and events have suffered in the past year, and we can’t wait to show our support and attend those events this year once it’s safe to. We promise to never take for granted our ability to attend events with large crowds ever again.

We Hope for Growth
This one is so important to us. We hope for personal growth, and the opportunity to continue to focus on what matters. Spending more time at home with our loved ones has driven us a bit crazy, but it’s also afforded us some time to be with the ones we love, protecting ourselves from harm. We hope for professional growth, and that you get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the past year, whether you were working remotely or on the frontlines and working in-office. We hope 2021 brings employment numbers up, and businesses a chance to bloom again. 

Call us dreamers, but we have high hopes for 2021. We hope you continue to take the ride with us, and we wish you MANY blessings this new year. As always, we are here to support you and your insurance needs, whatever comes your way. We look forward to connecting more this year! 

In case you missed it, check out “A New Year Means a Healthy Life” to get some simple and straightforward advice on steps toward a healthier, happier you this year. We know you can do it!