Halloween 2020 COVID19 Pandemic Edition

Trick or treat? The entire year has been somewhat of a trick, hasn’t it? Amid the pandemic, it’s been hard to find joy, whether you’ve been an essential worker bravely trudging into work, or if you’ve been coaching kiddo through virtual schoolwork at home. But this Halloween, the kiddos deserve something to look forward to. So, bust out the costumes and prepare for a healthy, happy Halloween. With a few tips and tricks (or treats!) up to our sleeve, we can help.  

Host a Virtually Spooky Get-together

Most health professionals are suggesting to avoid large indoor gatherings, so your traditional Halloween party might be out of the question, but if you get creative, it doesn’t have to be completely canceled. Find a spot in your home that you can decorate with your normal Halloween bobbles. Light some spooky candles and taper some spider webs across the walls. Stream a banner in a hallway and decorate your kitchen table with a black table covering and spooky snacks. Organize a Zoom meeting with your closest friends, and challenge each other to a decorating contest. Of course, you can still dress up and host a virtual Halloween costume as well, and the winner gets a gift card to their favorite take-out spot. 

Find a Healthy Way To Trick-or-Treat

If you choose to go completely traditional, all you have to do is make a few modifications to keep things healthy. Door-to-door visiting is a bit riskier, so prepare the kiddos for the changes so they aren’t caught off guard. First, plan to incorporate a mask into their Halloween costumes. You don’t have to go as a doctor or surgeon to make a face mask fit the theme. If you’ve got a princess, add some glitter to the mask for some sparkle. If you’ve got a firefighter, adhere to a name sticker with “Firefighter Sam” or whatever your child wants to be called. Adding a few details to the mask can make everyone feel like a mask has been a part of the plan all along. 

We’re sure the streets will be crowded, but do your best to stay apart from wandering neighbors and other spooky goblins along the way. If you have a wagon, consider decorating it and bringing it along. People will naturally follow at least a few feet behind you because of the wagon, and it acts as a bonus candy holder. Bring along some hand sanitizer, and have the kids “wash up” at the end of every block, just to be safe. As tempting as it is, avoid eating candy on the walk so as not to have your potentially-infected hands near your mouth.

Spead Halloween Treats, Not Germs

If you plan to stay at home with the porch light on, make a few modifications to your candy-giving technique to keep the kiddos safe. Wear spooky animal hands, or black latex gloves, while passing out candy. Keep a jug of hand sanitizer nearby, so people can grab a handful of sanitizer as well as a treat. If you don’t want to have anyone close enough to pass out candy, consider making a game of it. Put a piece of duct tape on the ground at least six feet away from your front door, along with a sign that says, “Stand here for a trick or treat!” That way, you can carefully toss the candy into the bag of an eager child, and everyone can cheer for a catch.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to practice regular Halloween safety tips. Look for cars while crossing the street. Take along a flashlight or light bracelet for extra visibility. Sift through candy once you get home and discard any unwrapped candy or suspicious items. And most of all, HAVE FUN and save a piece of candy for us. 

In case you missed it: “Cyber Security Wellness Month” has some helpful advice on keeping your digital information safe. October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, so take some time to learn some internet safety tips while the info is plentiful. Be safe while trick-or-treating, and make a small pile of candy to munch on while you chat with us about your insurance needs. We’re here for you, and won’t “ghost” you like others. Happy Halloween!