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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist Texas Style

Luckily, no one’s San Antonio home is going to be buried in inches of snow any time soon, but there are several precautions you can take to keep your home well-maintained during the winter. Texans have a whole different ballgame when it comes to protecting your home against Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. We […]

Keep your Car Healthy During The hOLIDAYS

Living in the southwest region of the United States brings many conveniences during the wintertime, like not having to worry about the next big snowstorm and replacing our car tires with winter tires. The main struggle we have when we hop into our vehicles is figuring out how to get the heater to run on […]

La Niña doesn’t mean to go without Flood Insurance

La Niña and pumpkin pie. What on earth do those two have in common? This time of year, they go hand-in-hand. We all know and love our Thanksgiving staple of pumpkin pie, so who in the world is “la niña” and what is she doing here this time of year, besides being a once-every-few-years-or-so guest […]

Home Safety During the Holidays

The air is getting chilly and the calendar officially reflects November, the time when most Americans start planning for the holiday season. The political season isn’t the only thing bringing a debate to the table. Every year, the Thanksgiving crowd vs. the Christmas crowd sets out to defend each holiday and the time most appropriate […]

Cyber Security Awareness Month

For the 17th year, the United States Government’s National Cyber Security Alliance has successfully launched Cyber Security Awareness Month, sharing knowledge and understanding with Americans regarding an issue that has affected consumers more and more through the years. With 4.8 billion internet users (over 62% of the world’s population), it’s in everyone’s best interest to […]

Your Fire Safety Guide during Fire Prevention Week

Move over, Sparky the Fire Dog and Smokey Bear. It’s National Fire Prevention Week and we’re coming at you with some serious facts about one of our fairweather friends: fire. Sure, fire is our friend when it comes to providing warmth in the winter months and providing heat for our meals, but things can turn […]

Protect Your Valuables With Jewelry Insurance

The holiday season is meant to be a happy time to share delicious food, thoughtful gifts, and memories with family. Even though the worldwide pandemic has changed most of our plans for the holidays, some are making exceptions to visit with family during this special time. Whether you plan to travel abroad or stay in […]

Medical Office Insurance: Avoiding Liability Like the Plague

Medical Office Insurance will avoid Liability Like the Plague As if there wasn’t enough to worry about in the medical industry these days, there’s definitely another layer of risks that you may be making your medical office vulnerable to. It’s way more than Clorox wipes and keeping patients six feet apart too. Medical offices are […]

Is Pet Insurance Worth it in Texas?

National Dog Day came and went with a “bark” this year, as you may have noticed on your social media feeds this week. Thousands of doggies everywhere were celebrated and remembered, as evidenced by #nationaldogday and other trending dog-topics online. (Don’t explore that hashtag unless you’re ready to get lost in the cutest, slobberiest, most […]

Back to School Checklist for Fun Online Learning

Your Back to School Online Learning Checklist If you’re like us, the thrill of back-to-school shopping is just as exciting for us adults as it is for our kiddos. Finding out who their teacher is going to be, comparing schedules with friends, and practicing locker combinations have all been filed away in the “On Hold” […]