La Niña doesn’t mean to go without Flood Insurance

La Niña and pumpkin pie. What on earth do those two have in common? This time of year, they go hand-in-hand. We all know and love our Thanksgiving staple of pumpkin pie, so who in the world is “la niña” and what is she doing here this time of year, besides being a once-every-few-years-or-so guest at our Thanksgiving table? Some years, her counterpart, El Niño, tries to mess up our pumpkinly-perfect fall weather with rainstorms and wetter conditions, but this year, she just happens to be on our side and plans to bring dry conditions and not-bitterly-cold temperatures, which is the excitement we all needed to hear in 2020. 

La Niña is the counterpart to El Niño, and according to the National Weather Service, it’s “a cooling of the ocean surface, or below-average sea surface temperatures (SST).” In layman’s terms, it means a surface water temperature pattern in the Pacific that affects weather in the United States. Specifically here in Texas, it can mean drier and warmer climates this time of year. This Fall, if you’ve noticed that temperatures have still been in the low 80s even though you’ve taken your Christmas decorations out of the attic, you can thank (or blame) La Niña. 

But just because La Niña is forecasted to bring to us South Texans a drier and warmer winter than usual, doesn’t mean the weather won’t present some heavy rain and occasional cold fronts. San Antonians need to prepare for the weather changes because after all, we’re still Texas, and Texas weather is wishy-washy as it comes. In fact, we think it’s the perfect time to enroll in flood insurance because now is the perfect time to get prepared for those future weather events we can’t control. Flood insurance claims will (hopefully) be down, giving homeowners a chance to check in with a qualified insurance agent and decide what works best for you. Queue SOGO Insurance

Finding our clients the perfect policy is exactly what we do. We don’t want to oversell you on anything, but we also take into account what type of coverages you may already have, along with considering historical data. When it comes to flood insurance, we know that most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, even if the flood occurs due to a natural disaster that is covered under your policy. Being a Texas puts you at a higher risk as well, as many residents have homes that are in what is legally considered a low ground area or even in a flood plain. 

No matter whether we are in El Niño or La Niña mode, you can expect SOGO Insurance agents to help you along the way. We will walk through several factors, including your home’s flood risk, current policy coverage, and how much coverage you’d actually need in the event of a weather event. You can count on our team to find you affordable coverage, leaving you only worrying about how much whipped cream you decide to put on your giant piece of pumpkin pie. Give us a call today so we can discuss what’s right for you before the weather changes its mind. 

In case you missed it: “Home Safety During the Holidays” has some simple tips to follow to make your humble abode a bit safer during the holiday season. We know you’re excited about a change of pace (thanks, 2020!) but it’s important to take a few extra precautions this season to prevent your home from unfortunate events. Just in case those happen, SOGO is here to help you work through it. Grab a hot cup of tea and plan to give our agents a call.