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Home Safety During the Holidays

The air is getting chilly and the calendar officially reflects November, the time when most Americans start planning for the holiday season. The political season isn’t the only thing bringing a debate to the table. Every year, the Thanksgiving crowd vs. the Christmas crowd sets out to defend each holiday and the time most appropriate for decorating. We know it’s a bit early, but before we bust out the tinsel, we want you to take a few minutes to consider some holiday safety measures that will keep you and your home safe this season.

Hide or Remove Packaging of Expensive Gifts
It’s the time of year to get amazing deals on big, expensive items like appliances, jewelry, and even toys. All that to say that if you place any packaging out on your curb, it’s like advertising to potential criminals that you have a sale going on as well, except no one plans to pay you for your goods. Do your best to break down large packaging and hide completely in your blue recycle bin. Wrap packaging to smaller but still expensive items (a la iPad packaging) in another packaging so it’s not visible to passersby. Check the City of San Antonio’s Recycling website page for acceptable materials. 

Check Your Fireplace
We know, we know. We’re excited to start the fireplace too. Before you officially throw a log into the fire, be sure to do an inspection of the flue. Grab a flashlight and shine it upwards to see how clean it is. Obviously, you should expect a little bit of buildup and blackness; however, you should not see bubbly or crusty buildup. Have your chimney serviced, and while you wait, clean your mesh screen that goes in front of the embers while burning so nothing can make its way out onto your house floor. While you’re at it, it’s a good time to replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries too in case something goes amiss with the fireplace. 

Ask A Trusted Neighbor To Keep an Eye Out
Before you head out of town to your close family’s home or on any holiday getaways, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out on your home. A watchful eye can help prevent natural accidents from getting completely out of hand, like a fire or flood. Ask if they can do small favors, like bring in any package deliveries so that passing motorists aren’t tempted to get a holiday gift for themselves from your front porch. Installing a motion sensor light can help too. When you return, you can plan to share a cookie plate or small gift with your neighbor for their watchful eye and help with keeping your home secure. 

Secure Home Insurance for the UnexpectedYou can take small steps to prevent accidents or criminal activity happening at your home during the holidays, but you can’t prevent everything. That’s why SOGO Insurance is here to help you secure a home insurance policy to keep you protected. Dealing with the chaos of the holiday season is enough to make anyone feel like a Grinch, but we can help you pick the best policy for your needs, removing the confusion from the process. Our expert agents are waiting to discuss your next options, so protect what’s most important during the holidays: your family and humble abode. 

Keep the sound of jingle bells in the air, and keep the emergency alarms away by following these easy tips for a safe and happy holiday.