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Protect Your Valuables With Jewelry Insurance

The holiday season is meant to be a happy time to share delicious food, thoughtful gifts, and memories with family. Even though the worldwide pandemic has changed most of our plans for the holidays, some are making exceptions to visit with family during this special time. Whether you plan to travel abroad or stay in your own cozy home for the holidays, it’s time to secure a valuable possessions insurance policy. This is an option with homeowners insurance, because in the midst of the joy, sometimes Jack Frost can come to visit in ways you never expected.  

We’re guessing somewhere in your attic is a large plastic tote (or five) harboring your holiday decorations. Tinsel, twinkly lights, poinsettias, and holiday-themed trinkets fill those totes to the brim with holiday joy. Those are definitely valuable possessions (to you anyway) and are worth bragging about. But we’re not talking about insuring those valuable possessions, per se. As special as those items are, we’re talking about items in your home that are monetarily expensive, or even priceless in some cases. These special items are your treasures, and you’ve worked too hard to earn these items just to lose them to a thief or accident. 

Jewelry or Artwork

Your grandmother’s vintage diamond necklace. Your uncle’s classic pocket watch. Your own wedding rings. Expensive items like jewelry, luxury handbags, fine arts, and designer clothes are just a few examples of what constitutes a valuable possession to most insurance companies. 

The idea behind this type of insurance is to cover the cost of the item in the unfortunate event of loss through theft, accident or damage. If an item is stolen, you’ll need to report the loss to the police. If an item is damaged, you’ll want to talk to your agent regarding the next steps to file a claim. If stones fall out of diamond rings, this can also be filed as a claim under your insurance.

After the pain of losing something that’s incredibly special to you, you’ll want a very seamless process going forward to take the sting out of already losing your valuable possession. 

Accident or Natural Disaster, We are Here to Help

Although no insurance company would be able to replace the sentimental value of some personal treasures, you’d hate to be caught in between a rock and a hard place if you were to lose the precious item, along with any chance of replacing the item in any capacity. 

Our agents can help protect your valuable possessions and point you in the right direction to receive appraisal for your items.. Don’t get yourself in a situation where you’re not covered properly, or where you have to go through an act of Congress to replace your item. Even worse, don’t forgo valuable possession insurance altogether, or you’ll really be regretting the whole situation, standing empty-handed with no protection policy and no special item insight. Remember that even if you have home insurance, it likely doesn’t cover all of your valuable possessions, especially if they exceed a certain dollar amount. 

Some items have no sentimental value but are still worth too much cash to simply replace easily upon a loss. Having a valuable possessions insurance policy protects you from exactly this situation. Call our agents before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season arrives. You can secure your policy to ensure coverage so the Grinch won’t affect you this holiday. 

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