Is Pet Insurance Worth it in Texas?

National Dog Day came and went with a “bark” this year, as you may have noticed on your social media feeds this week. Thousands of doggies everywhere were celebrated and remembered, as evidenced by #nationaldogday and other trending dog-topics online. (Don’t explore that hashtag unless you’re ready to get lost in the cutest, slobberiest, most loving photos of your LIFE!) At SOGO, we don’t discriminate against any animal. We love all the pets, and we’re here to offer up pet insurance policies that will allow you to spend more money on that completely unnecessary jewel-encrusted collar you’ve been eyeing and less on costly veterinary bills. 

Summertime for our Pets can mean trouble

It’s summertime in Texas, and the temperatures are getting well into the 90s and 100s. What does that mean for your fur-creatures? The scorching heat and change in weather can cause accidental injury to your pet, causing one or several expensive trips to the vet that you weren’t budgeting for. Some dogs and cats get scorched paws on the pavement, so even when you just take your baby out for a quick potty break, you can unintentionally be walking them right into a hurtful mess. The heat is at an all-time high, and pets can suffer from heatstroke as easily as any human can. Of course, you should follow all the precautions and keep your animals cool and well-watered, but it’s best to be prepared for the worst because the Texas heat is relentless. Even the best cared-for animals can’t escape the dangerous effects of the rays. 

Hurricane Season and your Pet

August and September also mark hurricane season, and even though San Antonians aren’t directly next to the ocean, we definitely feel the effects of the rapidly-changing weather. With hurricane season comes heavy rain, and with heavy rain comes changing landscape and hiding adventures for your pet if they ever wander outdoors. A scared cat or dog is likely to jump into a seemingly safe place when really, it might unknowingly be jumping into a broken-down car or cubby full of injuries waiting to happen. Imagine your fur-baby shaking, cold, and injured from just trying to hide from the thunderstorms. While the rain can’t be avoided, an expensive vet bill can be lessened by having a great pet insurance policy in place. 

Texas Reptiles and Insect injuries to your pet

Does anyone else hear that rattling sound? Just because we’re in the big city doesn’t mean we’re free from the occasional snake, reptile, or insect, especially if you live closer to the Hill Country. It’s not uncommon for some San Antonio residents to find venomous creatures trying to set up shop somewhere near your home, which means your pet is lurking around some potential trouble. A snakebite or black widow spider bite can ruin a pet’s day, and your savings account, in a flash. Emergency procedures are often more expensive than a wellness visit to the vet’s office, so you’re really going to wish you had secured a pet insurance policy when you get that bill. 

Our babies are worth the cost, right? The security and love they give us are worth the small cost of a life-saving policy, so love them like they love us and protect them with the very best. Our pet-loving agents are ready to chat about how we can help you. Bonus points if you FaceTime us so we can see your pet while discussing a policy. 

While you’re at it, if you’re looking for a best-in-class veterinary office, visit our client, Acorn Hill Animal Hospital, for the very best in veterinary care. 

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