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Pet Insurance - San Antonio and Austin, TX

Great Protection For A Good Boy

Pet Insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Every one of your family members deserve quality care, even down to your four legged best friend. That’s why our pet insurance plans gives you customized coverage that’s just right for your peace of mind.



Dogs and Cats can get into some pretty serious mischief, and not just eating your homework type of mischief! Like any other member of your family, your pet is subject to illness or injury. This can translate into some pretty hefty veterinary bills, but with the right policies in place it will keep you and your pet happily tail wagging all the way home.

Lila had always been an animal lover and had adopted a cute little puppy named Max. Max quickly became the center of Lila’s world, and she couldn’t imagine her life without him. 

Max became suddenly ill one day, and Lila rushed him to the vet. The vet recommended several tests and treatments to determine the cause of Max’s illness. 

Lila was shocked when she saw the bill for Max’s medical treatment. She had never considered that pet medical care could be so expensive. 

Lila realized then the importance of having pet insurance. She had never considered that unexpected events could happen to Max, and it was crucial to have a plan in place to protect his health and her financial security. 

Pet insurance, the veterinarian explained, helps cover the cost of unexpected medical care for pets. In addition, it provides financial support for accidents, illnesses, and routine medical care. 

Lila quickly purchased pet insurance for Max, and the policy provided her with the financial support she needed to cover his medical expenses. Without pet insurance, she would have been left with a significant financial burden during a challenging time. 

From then on, Lila had pet insurance for Max and any future pets. She learned the hard way that unexpected events can happen, and preparing for any potential financial consequences is essential. Pet insurance gave her the peace of mind she needed to know that she could take care of Max without worrying about the financial strain it would have on her family. 

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