Pets are the Real Winners of Stay at Home Life

We can all agree that there are some real winners of this COVID-19 quarantine, and that group is our fam of beloved furry friends who are enjoying their newly-found snuggle time with us. For anyone working remotely from home, you’ve probably already experienced a Zoom call with an overzealous barker or meower in the background, trying to get attention from their owner. We think they also might just be trying to contribute their opinion, and we’re here for it. If it’s no secret that our fuzzballs are part of our family, then why shouldn’t we protect them from the scary world that exists outside our four walls? With pet insurance, you can do that.  

The world is still in “lockdown” mode, but our pets have no idea about all the worries going on. All they can comprehend is that their owners are home WAY more now, and they’re loving it. That’s because our pets are grateful for our love and support, including veterinary care they receive, even if they don’t always act so grateful when they’re digging their claws into the ground during shots or weigh-in time. Veterinary care options are expanding by the minute, including convenient flea and tick prevention, preventative surgeries like spay and neuter, and even chemotherapy for those diagnosed with cancerous tumors. With all the options available, it’s time to get serious about pet insurance

Having a pet insurance policy can save you thousands of dollars a year. It seems dramatic, but American’s spent nearly $19 billion (with a B!) alone on common veterinary bills in 2019. 

“Millennials continue to be the largest pet-owning demographic and this shows in the data,” says APPA president and CEO, Bob Vetere. “We know this generation is willing to pay more for quality services to improve the health and well-being of their pets. Today more than ever, pet owners view their pets as irreplaceable members of their families and lives, and it’s thanks to this that we continue to see such incredible growth within the pet care community.”

Pet insurance policies do not have to break the bank, either. We’re already spending money on food, toys, and other needs, so why not get ahead of the known medical expenses by paying a small monthly amount, to avoid HUGE expenses later on down the road? Some pet insurance policies can cost as little as a bag of dog food. 

Being in quarantine with our animal-babies does not exclude them from emergency situations. In fact, with you being home more often, your animal is likely happier, but also dealing with changes within the home, which can cause medical issues itself. If you’re not used to picking your leftovers up quickly, your puppy or kitty may think you’re sharing those too. It turns out chicken lo mein may not be the best food option for your pet. If you’re chatting up coworkers on Zoom, you may not notice your furry friend taking a little bit more time outside to explore slithering or biting distractions, and you’ve ended up with an injured Fluffy. Being at home can exciting for everyone, but it comes with changes of its own, so be aware of what could happen, and prepare yourself for your loyal friend to get into a little more trouble than usual during this adjustment. 

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