Summer Dreaming: Travel Insurance for Future Travel Plans

It’s hard to imagine that someday, we’ll be able to take to the skies or the road again and spread our travel wings without the threat of spreading COVID-19 along the way, but we’re hoping the days are sooner rather than later, and it’s not too early to talk about travel insurance for those plans. If there’s ever a time that can demonstrate so easily why it’s so important to have travel insurance, it’s right now. Can you imagine if you had scheduled an important event, or big getaway, and didn’t have any backup plan? Some folks are dealing with that reality right now. 

It doesn’t take an international health pandemic to ruin some carefully-coordinated travel plans. Most of us can’t just travel on a whim and spend endless amounts of money and time on a casual trip to Italy, only for it to be ruined by something awful, like an injury or a death in the family. No one wants to be in the position of Tiger King Joe Exotic when he says, “I will never financially recover from this.” Travel insurance can help prevent you from losing money. 

But travel insurance is so much more than covering canceled plans due to unforeseen events. Your leather Louis Vuitton baggage and prized possessions can also be covered. We know you packed that designer outfit to show off on your trip. Perhaps you took a little too long to beautify yourself before your big flight and missed your flight. Travel insurance can cover missing flights, which is a huge win considering the average cost of that kind of mistake. 

Everyone knows someone who thought they’d try something cool while traveling, like riding donkeys in the mountains, or snorkeling with sharks in the coral reef, when BAM! Reality hits, and the next thing you know, you’re in a hospital in Costa Rica, wondering what the heck happened. A travel policy should include medical insurance as an element. You’ll need coverage against both the costs of your treatment and the costs of being brought back home to recover in your own bed, safe and sound. 

Whether you’re a once-a-year special occasion traveler or you’ve racked up enough frequent flyer miles to book a vacation for your entire family, securing a travel insurance policy is a good idea. With all that you have to worry about while traveling (wait, did I pack my toothbrush?), don’t let life get in the way of a good time. You can choose between a single-trip policy for that once-a-year vacation, or you can choose a policy that covers all trips across a whole year. It’s crazy to imagine, but even taking two trips a year can make an annual policy worthwhile, considering the costs you save in the long run. 

It’s hard to imagine a life of leisure and travel at the moment, but we’re hoping our clients can get back to making their summer travel plans very soon. Call a SOGO agent to find out all the details of how this policy is a travel must-have, and let us know where you’re headed so we can imagine going there too! 

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