Don’t get caught Slippin’ This Summer

We’re sure you’ve heard that the Texas heat is going to reach record high temperatures this summer, and there is only one logical thing to do: Head to the water. Whether you decide to go boating in Canyon Lake or take a long drive (with your boat in tow) to another coast, you’re going to need to get some protection first, and we’re not just talking about sunscreen. We’re talking about watercraft insurance, an essential for any Texas boater ready to hit the waves and cruise the waters. 

In the State of Texas, when you operate a vehicle, you are required by law to have a liability insurance policy for said vehicle. But when it comes to owning and operating a boat, no such legal requirement exists. That’s lucky, huh? Before you clip that life vest on, listen up. Even if you have a homeowners insurance policy that will cover your boat, you need to know that your policy will only cover a limited portion up to a certain dollar amount of your boat in the event of a loss. If the unfortunate event of an injury or even death occurred on your watercraft, the homeowner’s policy would not cover medical bills or legal expenses brought forth. You could be financially responsible for the repairs to the boat or any court costs associated with the boat, and that’s a summer vibe killer. 

Many people take a spin around the lake while enjoying an ice-cold beverage to help stay cool, but sometimes folks can drink a little too much alcohol while on the boat, causing a dangerous problem for boat passengers and others on the lake. If you opt to drink and operate your watercraft, a specialized watercraft insurance policy will help pay for any medical bills incurred if an injury were to happen to you, to passengers, or other patrons of the body of water you’re in. One wrong move can mean thousands upon thousands in medical bills that you would be personally responsible for if not covered properly. 

You can customize and enhance different watercraft insurance policies to ensure you are properly covered this summer. SOGO Insurance agents are qualified to walk you through types of policies and any variances you would want to know about. For example, what about insurance for jet skis? Does that policy look the same as a policy for your larger fishing boat? What about the boat trailer or hauling equipment? Are those covered as well? Your questions can be answered by our professional agents who have been around the block (or lake) for a time or two. Give us a call so we can list out your watercraft and equipment and ensure we have the right policy for your exact needs. 

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