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4 Perfect Last-Minute Spring Break Getaways

Spring Break is (or nearly is!) here! If you were caught in the middle of COVID-19 prep, catching up on schoolwork with the kids, or catching up on your own business, you might have missed planning that super-fun Spring Break vacay, but we’ve got you covered with four perfect last-minute Spring Break getaways to check out. Grab a weekender bag and stuff in some sandals and a bathing suit because it’s time to GO! 

Kalahari Resort & Convention Center – Round Rock, TX  – Who needs sunshine and rainbows? The African-safari-themed resort has several indoor waterparks, just in case the weather decides to be as unsteady as 2020 was. The “Lost Lagoon” has several loopy slides, and basketball hoops dotted along the pool area so you can enjoy hoops while splashing in the perfectly-warmed pool. If you aren’t toting kids around and are looking for a more adult-friendly experience, enjoy the Grotto Outdoor Swim-Up Bar where you can freestyle your way on over to the cocktails and mixed-drink oasis both indoors and outdoors. No need to lug around snacks. Kalahari has dining experiences everywhere you turn. If you are having too much fun, make it a whole weekend and stay at their hotel for some luxurious rest. 

Morgan’s Wonderland – San Antonio, TX – Designed to be “ultra-accessible,” Morgan’s Wonderland is the park built for anyone with or without disabilities wanting to experience all the thrills of a theme park with accessibility at the top of its priorities. Morgan’s Wonderland has more than 25 wheelchair-accessible attractions, including rides, playgrounds, and interactive exhibits, such as Sensory Village. This park has made it possible for San Antonio families of all kinds to have a fun day at the theme park while having an open heart for any situation that can come your way when you have a special needs child or adult. Regardless of abilities, Morgan’s Wonderland is here to show you a good time! Don’t forget to take a change of clothes for the waterpark area and snacks for the Picnic Place.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch – San Antonio, TX – What do a donkey, a giraffe, and a bison have in common? They all make their home at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! Load up the car and get ready for a four-mile drive along the path to view animals that are being protected and conserved at this expansive and beautiful ranch. When entering the ranch, you can purchase bags of food to feed some of the animals along the trail, including antelope, rams, ostriches and Zebras. When you’ve completed the trail, you can take a pit stop at the Walk-a-Bout area of the ranch to see Lemur Island, baby goats, monkeys, and giraffes up close and personal. The gift shop is full of animal-themed goodies to remember the trip by, and if anyone gets hungry, the Safari Camp Grill is a perfect place to dine and cool off after your walk. 

Hopscotch Art Gallery – Craving an indoor experience for Spring Break? Go to the newest and coolest art gallery located adjacent to Travis Park. Get your iPhone ready because it’s time for #cocktailsofig at their gallery lounge with drinks, access to a gourmet food truck, and the patio of your dreams. Art, food, and San Antonio lifestyle? What more could you want? 

No matter what you decide to do for your last-minute Spring Break plans, remember to trust SOGO with your travel insurance needs. You never know what inconvenience could ruin your plans, so having a backup plan is the best way to go. Call us (even during Spring Break!) and we’ll get you covered. Be safe and send us your pictures! 

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