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Travel Insurance - San Antonio and Austin, TX

Protection no matter where you're headed.

Travel insurance in San Antonio and Austin, TX and surrounding areas.
Traveling is exciting, but there are risks associated with every trip. Investing in a travel insurance policy can help put your mind at ease so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Sarah had been planning her dream vacation for months. She had saved up for years to travel to Europe and visit the famous landmarks she had read about in books. She had booked her flights, reserved her hotels, and even planned her daily itinerary.

But on the day of her departure, Sarah woke up feeling ill. She tried to shake it off and make her flight, but as the day went on, she grew worse. She was so sick when she arrived in Europe that she could barely stand.

Sarah realized then the importance of having travel insurance. She had never considered that something like this could happen. She had assumed that her medical insurance policy would cover any medical expenses that might arise during her travels. But after speaking with her insurance agent, Sarah learned that her health insurance policy did not cover her overseas medical costs.

Thankfully, Sarah had purchased travel insurance just a few weeks earlier at the urging of a friend who had traveled extensively. The travel insurance policy covered her medical expenses, allowed her to change her travel plans, and even provided coverage for lost or stolen luggage.

Sarah could see a doctor and receive the medical care needed to recover. She could also modify her travel plans and stay in Europe longer than initially planned. Without travel insurance, Sarah would have been left to pay for all the unexpected expenses out of pocket, which would have been financially devastating.

From then on, Sarah made sure to have travel insurance for all of her future trips. She learned the hard way that unexpected events can happen, and being prepared is essential. Travel insurance gave her the peace of mind to enjoy her travels without worrying about financial uncertainty.

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SOGO Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas including, Helotes, Schertz, New Braunfels, Cibolo and Bexar County.