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Tax Returns Have Arrived: You’re Rich!

Remember starting your first job and making next to nothing while living off of bean & cheese tacos and ramen? Remember living in that slightly-sketchy apartment with your weird roommate who always microwaved fish and was late on rent every month? Remember catching the bus and walking in the rain when you woke up a little bit too late? Those days are over, and you’ve worked your butt off to make it where you are now. It feels nice to think back on the beginner days and then realize you’re sitting in a pretty sweet situation after you made your own dreams come true. Having high net worth insurance is one key way to make sure that all you’ve worked for stays afloat. The name can be a little bit deceiving, because it might sound like it’s just personal insurance at a higher cost, but it’s a bit more complicated, and we’ve got the rundown. 

High net worth insurance is primarily a type of insurance that covers the large assets that you’ve come to know and love now that you’ve made the Big Leagues. For example, maybe one of your goals was to own a Range Rover. Range Rovers are foreign luxury performance SUVs made in Britain, and owning one means maintenance and care should be done at a specialty shop. Should you be in an unfortunate accident, and your beloved vehicle needs to be taken to a collision and repair shop, you wouldn’t necessarily want your foreign vehicle being towed to the nearest (and maybe cheapest) shop.  If there was a total loss on your vehicle, high net worth insurance helps ensure that you are paid out the “agreed value” rather than just market value.

This type of “boosting” insurance doesn’t just apply to your vehicle. You can secure high net worth insurance to apply to other types of insurance needed in life, like life insurancetravel insurance, and home insurance. Think about your current life insurance policy and then think about if tragedy struck. Would your current policy be enough to help your family pay for and survive in the current assets you own? Will it cover the expenses of your funeral, your home, any debt, luxury cars, or any other “little luxuries” you’ve picked up along the way? Your agent can evaluate your current assets, and help you secure the exact types of policies and agreements for the life you live.  Protect the expensive things that you have provided for yourself and your family by attaining high net worth insurance.

You might think, “I don’t qualify for that,” but before you write off this type of coverage, you really need to speak with an agent to help you decide if you’re missing out on the coverage you actually need. You didn’t work hard through blood, sweat, and tears only to have run-of-the-mill insurance policies that may or may not cover you when “life” happens. Call our experts today and we’ll let you know how to move forward in the most practical way possible. We’re looking out for you, and want the best for you and your family. 

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