The Reinvention of Workplace Strategies and Culture

U.S. employee annual turnover rates are projected to grow this year by 20%. Companies with high employee turnover rates need workplace strategy and culture change. But how are companies reinventing workplace strategies and culture?What is a Workplace Strategy and Culture?It’s how employees interact with the environment created and how productive and efficient they are in the workplace. […]

PEO Services: Crucial For Every Business

For many small or midsize businesses, clerical and administrative help can go a long way. PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is just that type of help. These comprehensive packages can help your company grow by performing simple tasks that are vital to a business staying compliant with federal and state laws. For example, even a basic […]

Free HR Resources at Your Reach

As with every work position, there’s usually a “fun” side and a “not-so-fun” side of the job. For some, the not-so-fun side could be filing paperwork, managing a budget, or spending time in meetings that could have been an email. For HR professionals, the not-so-fun side includes dealing with issues that could cost the company […]

The Cons of Working From Home

Soft hoodies, comfy pants, endless snacks, and office space flexibility. These are a few advantages remote workers are enjoying as part of the recent work-from-home programs companies have rolled out. Some employees still benefit from these new programs, and managers appreciate the advantage of happy workers; however, it’s not all coffee and cozy blankets as […]

The Reality of Opening a Bar

Line up the bottles and queue the music – it’s time for your bar to open for business. Owning a bar can be an adventurous and exhilarating experience. No doubt, you come across all kinds of characters, from a tired mom who needs a night out with the girls to the older gentlemen who sips […]

Hiring New Employees 101: The Basics

Starting a business can be an exhilarating and fulfilling feat as you begin to turn your business dreams into a reality. We’ve got a few basics that will help get you started in the right direction, including one of the most exciting (and maybe a bit daunting) aspects: hiring talent. Of course, you already know […]

Risk Management 101: Trends and Priorities in 2022

It’s the beginning of the year, which means it’s time to dust off your company’s annual to-do list. It’s the perfect time to check-in and evaluate business needs, wants, and must-haves. Of course, you’re likely checking that your business is covered through business insurance most effectively and efficiently, but how much time do you spend […]

Construction Safety Week 2021

May 3-7 officially marks Construction Safety Week, and you may notice a few changes around town reflecting that. For example, while you’re driving down any Texas highways, you’ll see the LED-lit signs reminding you to watch out for construction crews while driving. The reminder shouldn’t stick with you for just this week only, though. While […]

How to Protect Your Business From Forgery, Theft, and Fraud

As if a small business owner doesn’t have enough to worry about during the coronavirus pandemic, the reality is that hard times have fallen on many, and white-collar crime is increasing. As businesses are dealing with financial disruption and fluctuating economic impact, the opportunity for some to take advantage of the fragile situation can be […]

How to Protect Your Small Business Against COVID-19

You’ve probably received several emails, phone calls, and notifications from various businesses addressing the current health concerns brought on by the coronavirus aka COVID-19. The nation is buzzing with questions and even a little bit of panic. Part of our culture at SOGO is transparency and straight-forwardness, especially in a time of what some are […]