The Reinvention of Workplace Strategies and Culture

U.S. employee annual turnover rates are projected to grow this year by 20%. Companies with high employee turnover rates need workplace strategy and culture change. But how are companies reinventing workplace strategies and culture?What is a Workplace Strategy and Culture?It’s how employees interact with the environment created and how productive and efficient they are in the workplace. The greater the workplace environment, the more efficient the employees.It’s also important to look at workplace culture. Workplace culture is the behaviors and attitudes of employees in the organization.Companies can decide to shift their workplace strategy at any time. When they do, it’s important that they focus on their culture as well. Focusing on culture will reduce resistance from current employees to change. Workplace strategy and culture come together to create an environment for employees. Their input is important to the success of the company.If there was no employee input and collaboration with management, employees would be unhappy. Unhappy employees lead to dread, stress, and anxiety in the workplace. This causes employees to exit the workplace, leading to an increase in turnover rates.How do I Know When To Rethink Workplace Strategy and Culture?Is productivity reducing? Your workplace culture turning hostile? Are your employees leaving?  Then it might be time to rethink workplace strategy and culture. Employees prosper in a positive environment, leading to the highest possible productivity.There are many signs that companies need to rethink their workplace strategy and culture. One of the major indicators that change needs to happen is when employees start to leave the company, resulting in high turnover rates.Keeping employees on-board is an ongoing task, it’s simple but hard to maintain. The main goal of the task is to keep employees productive and engaged.Management has to work hard to provide a positive and productive environment. In a prospering environment, employees have positive emotions and a better well-being. This causes employees to collaborate, become more creative, and are better motivated. These employees develop a positive culture in the workplace, which leads to loyal employees and lower turnover rates.What can employers do to improve workplace strategy and culture?Does your company check the boxes for change? Here are some tips on what you can do to improve workplace strategy and culture.For one, you can start by listening more closely to your employees. A current problem many employers are facing is employees wanting to be work-from-home or in-person. All employees have different preferences, so hybrid work should be offered. Flexibility in the workplace will lead to happier and more productive employees.You can also offer more incentives. These incentives don’t need to be monetary. For example, you can offer extra time off, continued education for personal development, and time off for volunteer work.Another thing that can be done is hiring a third party to make adjustments as necessary to include performance bonuses. This will make employees happier, creating a more productive workplace.To make your life easier, SOGO Insurance has partnered with Mineral (formerly ThinkHR). Mineral offers you complimentary HR resources. The resources include commentaries from experts in the field. They even include seminar and training opportunities. It also includes a cloud-based portal where you can easily keep track of certificates and more.   If you’re ready to take the next step, contact a SOGO Insurance agent today to find out how you can get access to this helpful tool. 

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