Free HR Resources at Your Reach

As with every work position, there’s usually a “fun” side and a “not-so-fun” side of the job. For some, the not-so-fun side could be filing paperwork, managing a budget, or spending time in meetings that could have been an email. For HR professionals, the not-so-fun side includes dealing with issues that could cost the company severe cash or, worse, loss of the business altogether. SOGO Insurance teamed up with Mineral (formerly ThinkHR) to help provide tools that guide you through risk management topics, so you can get back to focusing on the “fun” side of HR, like birthday cake, boosting company culture, and keeping employees happy. 

What is Mineral™ (formerly ThinkHR Solutions) anyway? 

Mineral is a unique suite of content, technology, and live advisory solutions made to help minimize people-related risk while maximizing employee engagement. You can count on this tool to keep up with the latest laws and trends in human resources so that your company can focus on prosperity versus legal troubles. Mineral has several online tools available for use, including commentaries from experts in the field, seminars and training opportunities, and a cloud-based portal where you can easily keep track of certificates and more. More online organization and risk prevention can lead to more time for your HR team to develop growth plans. Perhaps the absolute BEST part of the tool is that SOGO Insurance has partnered with Mineral to provide you with FREE access to this library of helpful resources. Clients can log in using the portal straight from our website, and a world of tools is immediately at your hands. 

How Does This Help My Business? 

Well, for one, we love a free resource. But more than just a free resource, we love a free and reliable one. Mineral constantly monitors changes in federal and state laws that affect business owners and employees, then creates resources based on those needs. You can even be updated as quickly as possible with informative emails, literature, and training when something specific comes up. Need a short template for social media policy for the handbook because an employee made a questionable TikTok? No problem. Need a place to store all of this ever-changing info? Mineral does it. Need help expanding on areas that aren’t very clear to you? You can talk with live advisors who have expertise in dealing with the most common to the most specific HR issues that bubble up every day. 

What’s the Catch? 

Nothing! It’s in the best interest of our business to provide our clients with up-to-date resources for FREE so that you can go about your day focusing on the “fun” stuff while still protecting your assets. Think of it as a big conference room full of HR professionals on your company laptop. At SOGO Insurance, we pride ourselves on having a family culture, which means sharing our best resources with you at no cost because we can and should. Contact a SOGO Insurance agent today to find out how you can get access to this helpful tool. 

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