PEO Services: Crucial For Every Business

For many small or midsize businesses, clerical and administrative help can go a long way. PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is just that type of help. These comprehensive packages can help your company grow by performing simple tasks that are vital to a business staying compliant with federal and state laws. For example, even a basic package can combine several levels of employee expertise in a simple-to-use program, saving you from hiring too many employees while your business is in a growth period. As a result, investing in a PEO makes excellent economic sense, and we’re here to help break down why. 

Payroll Assistance & Payroll Taxes

Processing payroll plays a crucial role in your company. One little mistake can mean employees’ frustration and unintentional legal trouble. PEO programs can process payroll, manage tax deductions, and verify employment when necessary. In addition, time-tracking and PTO requests can also be easily handled, which is mainly helpful for hourly employees in your business. 

Risk Management

Did you know a PEO can even help with risk management? Employer liability issues such as legal claims, internal employee relations, and even terminations are touchy subjects that are not to be dealt with lightly, so why not have a backup assistant? In addition, lawsuits and other legal issues can all be kept track of in the PEO program. If you’re a new business, you can even get assistance writing an employee handbook to help avoid legal troubles from the get-go. 

Employee Benefit Tracking

Benefit coordination is a full-time job of its own. As the owner of a small or midsize business, you will not have time to keep track of benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as all the other types of opt-ins, like life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, and even HSA plans. With a PEO, you can confidently offer these insurances knowing everything is being organized and cared for. 

Human Resources Guidance 

You might be reluctant to hand over much of your human resource organization to software; however, the PEO programs available are backed by humans that are just a phone call or online chat away. Employees can contact helpful agents of the PEO program to ask questions, get help with enrollment, or any other HR-related items. They can trust that they are in expert hands at the simple click of a button if needed. 

Recruiting and Hiring

Some PEO programs can help you recruit and hire the latest, most-qualified talent available on the market, which is way better than posting and managing online job postings that anyone and everyone can freely apply to. We’ve heard of hiring nightmares coming to life when you rely solely on copy-and-pasted online efforts rather than assigning someone to handle the recruitment and onboarding process. So please don’t give up access and convenience to your future stellar employees. 

For your insurance and PEO needs, contact SOGO Insurance to get started on your plan today. We help all industries, including real estate and property management, IT and computer services, trade-based industries, nonprofits, and more. Find out what works best for your business by chatting with our helpful agents. 

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