You and your Pets will Love Pet Insurance

Fifty years ago, if you would have asked your insurance agent about “pet insurance,” you might get a belly-laugh or two. Pet insurance has only been a “thing” in North America since 1980, and thank goodness because our four-legged babies need some lovin’ too! If your pets are like ours at SOGO, then you’ve been to the vet for some crazy events, like your dog eating an entire Easter basket full of candy, or a brand new leather heel. Does your kitty like to eat plants, make Spiderman leaps across the bedroom, or wander the streets looking for rodents at night? Yeah, ours too. There’s no need to worry. At SOGO, we have you all covered for those lovely little mishaps. 

Does your furry friend really need its own insurance policy? Even though pet insurance is a fairly newer insurance policy category, it has been refined over the years to cover the standards that today’s pets are used to. We’re not talking just basic coverage for vaccinations and flea medicine. Some of our pets have congenital defects and other serious hereditary problems. Our grandparents or great grandparents may have had to make life or death decisions for their animals based on the ability to pay for pet healthcare, but not our generation. So let your pet snuggle up with you tonight, and sleep well knowing you don’t have to choose anything drastic because of the vet bill. 

Some breeds of pets need a special type of surgery to help with genetic issues. For example, great Danes can benefit from gastropexy, where the stomach wall is sewn to the abdominal wall to ensure it doesn’t get twisted with all the running and jumping fun they have. Shar-pei dogs sometimes have to have their saggy-skinned eyelids lifted, while some breeds of cats have to have polyps removed surgically. None of this is great news if you have any kind of budget, but luckily, having pet insurance can cover these special types of surgery that may be required for your breed. 

Of course, accidents can happen. Nobody looks forward to this kind of thing, but our pets have silly ways of requiring our love and care, including last-minute trips to the emergency vet’s office. X-rays, labs, tests, and hospitalizations are expensive and can empty your wallet out faster than you think. Accidents can be covered under a pet insurance policy, and you can ensure the best for your furry friend, just like you plan for your future with your own SOGO policies. Now you can fill those prescriptions and schedule those necessary therapy sessions without a worry in the world. 

They’ve been there for you in your biggest times of need – breakups, divorce, deaths, and new beginnings. Now it’s your turn. Be there for your pet in every way they need by securing a pet insurance policy today. Your pet may not be able to thank you personally, but your savings account will when you don’t drain it for an expensive pet issue. 

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