Why You Need Valuable Possessions Insurance During Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can be exhilarating and exciting, unless something happens to your valuable possessions, either while you’re away from your home, or to something special you’re traveling with. You may already be thinking, “I have homeowners insurance, so I’m invincible!” But even the best homeowners insurance policies have limits to what they can cover, so your valuable possessions like artwork, fine jewelry, or other collectibles are unprotected. A simple valuable possessions policy can’t protect you from accidents or thefts, but it can help you replace the value of those special, and usually expensive, items you cherish. 

Not everyone has valuable artwork adorning their walls, but if you do, the last thing you’d want is to leave those treasures unprotected, especially while you travel. Sure, home invasion alarms and more and more common these days, but plenty of burglars have slipped away with valuable artwork with little to no repercussions, unfortunately. Having a valuable property insurance policy in place for those pieces means having them replaced at their actual value and not just market value. Your items obviously mean more to you than market value, otherwise, you could have sold them. So, protect your assets and fine art with a simple policy.

Maybe you’re traveling with your beautiful wedding rings, excited to show off your bling to the family over the holidays. While you wait for your hand-crafted latte, you look down in horror to realize a diamond has popped out of your beloved diamond ring. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not fully cover the value of a very expensive, very valuable piece such as diamond jewelry. Having a valuable property policy means you don’t have to sweat over that popped-out diamond. Most valuable property insurance policies will cover jewelry even if you’re wearing that item at the time of the loss. Sure, it’s a bummer to lose a diamond, but even worse, you could be left paying for a replacement diamond or even an entire ring, if you’re not properly covered. 

So what else can a valuable property policy cover if I don’t have diamonds or artwork? Maybe you’re living a simpler life, and artwork and diamonds aren’t your things, but we bet you have something valuable and special worth protecting. Take for example your great-grandfather’s gun from the war, or vintage golf clubs that have been handed down for generations. Maybe it’s an expensive, one-of-a-kind instrument, or handmade pottery worth thousands. You might be surprised at what a policy can cover, so your best bet is to make a list of those valuable items and talk to one of our agents about what might work for you.

Holidays are meant to be fun, so don’t leave yourself in a bad position by leaving your valuables unprotected. Of course, the family is the most valuable, and we know you’ll enjoy spending time with your loved ones this season. But consider the empty feeling you’d have if anything were to happen to your cherished possessions, then make the call to get them insured as soon as possible. 

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