Special Touches for Holiday House Guests

The holiday season is upon us, which means visitors will be coming in full swing in the coming weeks. Is your spare bedroom ready for holiday guests? Or does it have an ever-growing pile of hanging clothes you meant to put on hangers since last week? Putting a few special touches in your home will have guests feeling like you’ve been anticipating them for months, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a Pinterest-worthy space either. 

In the Bedroom

Start with the basics in the guest bedroom itself. Do you have clean sheets and a warm comforter or blanket ready? A few puffy pillows for a good night’s sleep? Then you’re already halfway there. It seems obvious, but setting up a lamp in the guest bedroom will be a huge help for your visitors. Trying to relax or wind-down with a cozy blanket and winter novel is hard to do with the harsh light of an iPhone flashlight. Place soft white or warm bulbs in the lamp instead of harsh daylight bulbs. Bonus points for creating a charging station where your guests can easily and readily plug-in devices without digging out their own chargers.

In the Kitchen

We’ve all been in a situation where you are definitely comfortable staying with a family member or friend, but you’re also not necessarily ready to take the phrase “my house is your house” too seriously either.  Don’t put your guests in an awkward position with wanting to ask for snacks or drinks while they’re visiting. Create a minibar, including easy-to-open, individual-sized packages of salty or sweet treats, some sparkling waters, and maybe even a miniature bottle of liquor or two. Communicate with your guests that, of course, anything is up for grabs, but they can access their special stash with no questions or judgment at all. You’ll have your guests feeling like they’re staying at a fancy hotel, without all the extra minibar charges racked up. 

In the Bathroom

Let’s face it: traveling during the holidays can suck the life out of your guests. Chances are, they’ve stood in lines, argued with a barista, endured screaming children, and other hardships to make it to your front door. Let them relax in an ultimately luxurious way by stocking the bathroom with fancy soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Travel-size toiletries are available anywhere, and some retailers are going above and beyond to provide access to top-of-the-line scents for big-box prices. But bonus points for heading to a local shop and picking up some special mini-sized lotions and soaps for your guests to completely relax, unwind, and enjoy their stay with you. 

In the Family Room

Hey, spending time with each other is the whole point of holiday get-togethers, right? Set up the family room or living room with a few special touches to set the mood for old fashioned socialization. Purchase a few easy, good-for-all-ages board games, which are usually less than $10 a pop, to keep handy for a quiet winter night. Get the snacks ready, and plan to play a game of Monopoly or Battleship. Keep the kiddos busy with a few easy games, like Candyland and Chutes & Ladders. Get ready for some belly-laughs and maybe some classic family boardgame bullying.

Above all else, show a sense of gratitude toward your guests for staying with you. Yes, you’re doing them a favor by putting them up in your home. But they’re providing memories and long-lost time together, and you can’t buy those things. Spend a little bit of time making it extra special for your guests, and they’ll be talking about your holiday hospitality for years to come.

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