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What to Do When You Get Home From Being Out

So, you made the official trek to the grocery store for necessities, or you’re an essential worker and made the commute to work amid the germs. Several San Antononians are finding themselves coming home after being in situations that can expose you to COVID-19 or other germs. Unfortunately, we can’t all sit cozy in our PJs working remotely, so equip yourself with some extra knowledge on how to prevent germs from creeping into your home. 

Before You Head to Work:

Bring Your Bag – Wear your own clothes and shoes to work, but bring along a reusable plastic bag that can later be sprayed down, or washable bag that can be washed at home, to place your clothes into when you arrive home. Bring along disinfectant spray too. Consider this washable bag your new briefcase.

Pack Your Own Lunch – and act like you’re going on a field trip to the zoo. Everything should be disposable so you can wash your hands, eat your food, then immediately throw anything out.

Wash Your Hands – We know this one is over-communicated, but we mean it. Wash your hands like you know there are germs present and you’re able to hold a newborn baby.  Leave your wedding rings and fashion jewelry at home. These will only act as tiny carriers of stubborn germs, and no jewelry is pretty enough to risk getting infected over.

Take Supplements and Vitamins – We sound like your mama, but taking supplements and vitamins such as Vitamin C can help boost your immune system before you venture out into scary-town. 

During Work:

Put Your Phone Away – This one is hard, but worth it. The more you have your phone out, the more like it is to pick up germs, and your phone is something you touch and hold near your face nearly constantly. Those two actions don’t mix well, so keep it hidden in your pocket or purse if possible.

Your Friends Are Not Your Friends – Alright, that sounds a little harsh, but what we really mean is – practice physical and social distancing. Even your work bestie is not off the hook from spreading or contracting germs, so use a chat program online to check in with them, even if they’re two seats away.

Wear A Mask and Gloves – Keep up with the latest advice from the CDC or WHO on acceptable forms of protection. No, a welding mask, bra, or Saran-Wrap does not count as a mask. Don’t be stingy with the gloves. Reusing some of these materials can likely spread even more germs than you’re preventing, so be smart about how to use these.

Disinfectant and Sanitizer Are Your Friends – Get acquainted with the small of alcohol and cleansers, because this is your life now. Wipe your desk, your phone, pens, keyboards, and anything else you touch on a regular basis. The office fridge and microwave are already prime germ-spreading suspects, but with a potentially-deadly virus on the loose, you’re going to want to be extra cautious. 

When You Get Home From Work:

Wash Everything – For real, though, y’all. Use your handy new “briefcase” to throw your dirty clothes in, before you even head inside. Shoes should be left outside. Head straight to the shower and wash your hair and skin thoroughly.

Wash Your Clothes – And use bleach when you can. Wash on a hot cycle, and even after your clothes are clean and dry, keep them separate from the clothes you wear indoors.

Don’t Forget to Say “Good Job” – to yourself, and your coworkers. A job well done for facing another day and helping so many people around you stay safe while you do your job and work for the people. 

Being germ-obsessed can be exhausting, but try not to short-cut any cleaning routines. There are lives at risk, including yours, so be as clean and safe as possible when you head out into the open. 

In case you missed it: “How to Mix Up Your Routine At Home” gives some advice on using this awkward time to create new routines and habits that will better yourself. Don’t forget to reach out to your SOGO agent to discuss the recent market changes, and how this can help you with certain policies. Stay safe, SOGO fam!