Wedding Insurance is your “Something New!”

Wedding season is upon us, and although you might not want to think about it, disaster can strike on your special day. From sudden cancellations to your gown getting damaged, wedding insurance can help protect you against unforeseen events. But, what exactly is it and how does it work?

Wedding Insurance

Here’s the scoop…wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from events or circumstances that are beyond their control. Here are a couple examples of some unexpected incidents that could have big impacts on your special day!  Your groomsman spills a beverage on your tuxedo and you have to buy a new one the day before the wedding. Or, your reception space gets damaged from an unexpected natural disaster, causing you to lose your deposit and having to book another space pronto. These wedding day financial losses are what wedding insurance can help to protect and getting it is HIGHLY recommended.

What does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Site, weather, vendors, key people, sickness or injury are the top concerns come wedding day. There’s usually a specified maximum amount which can be claimed under each section and a deductible that applies. Be sure to find out the details of your chosen insurance plan. Side note, it is a good idea to check with each of your vendors to see how well they are covered. If they are already covered you wouldn’t want to pay for overlapping coverage out of your own pocket. Ask your vendors for a copy of their policy and then figure out where you aren’t fully covered.

  • Weather: This insurance covers rescheduling the wedding if weather conditions prevent the bride, groom, or essential relatives from making it to the venue.
  • Site: Wedding insurance can cover the cost of unavoidable cancellation that occurs because of damage or inaccessibility to the ceremony site—if your reception hall is unable to honor your reservation because it has burned in a fire, experienced an electrical outage or just plain closed down. Sometimes this policy covers the rehearsal dinner site, too.
  • Vendor no-show: Covers the cancellation or postponement of the wedding if one of your vendors doesn’t show up.
  • Sickness or injury: This insurance may also include sickness or injury to the bride, groom or anyone essential to the wedding.
  • Military or job: If your partner gets unexpectedly deployed, wedding insurance can cover postponement of the wedding. This can also apply to a last-minute corporate move, like the bride’s company suddenly relocating her to another city.

What it doesn’t cover

-It doesn’t cover a sudden change of heart (AKA cold feet).

-Watches, jewelry, or semi-precious gemstones or pearls (even if they are attached to your clothing) may not be covered. (See jewelry insurance).

Things to Consider

Every situation is different, so it is highly recommended to speak to your agent about the different options to have your special day covered.