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Ways to Protect your San Antonio business during COVID-19

The CDC has confirmed over 221,000 positive cases of Coronavirus in Texas, with Bexar County owning 15,100+ of those cases. With cases increasing daily, the safety precautions you take for your small business are more important now than ever. There are simple steps you can take to make your employees and yourself feel safer while still being productive. Help everyone stay healthy during the pandemic with these tips. 

You’ve most likely studded your office with Costco-sized jugs of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes, while also spreading apart furniture to keep employees at least 6 feet apart. The basic safety guidelines set out by the government months ago have been simple to follow and well-implemented by several hundred essential businesses around the San Antonio area. We’ve got some abstract, but helpful tips that you might not have developed a plan for, but think it’s time to. 

Hold Virtual Town Halls

There are so many unknowns flying around in the air right now. We are all navigating uncharted territory, but one way to keep your employees feeling in-the-know about what’s going on, at least from a business standpoint, can be alleviated by holding a simple monthly virtual town hall. This should be an event where leadership reassures and talks through some of the company plans while also being available to candidly answer questions that employees might have. If you can, send out an email ahead of time asking for those questions so that you have time to prepare answers and figures for those who are concerned. The time you set aside to communicate with your coworkers will mean more to them than you know because everyone needs a leader right now. Be encouraging and positive, but honest, and practice transparency and respect of your employees during this town hall. 

Hire A Professional Deep Cleaning Company

We know you’ve taken extra precautions during the pandemic, but have you committed to hiring a professional cleaning company to deep-clean your office area? While keeping budget in mind, also consider that the healthier the environment you hold your employees in is, the healthier they will tend to stay. If nothing else, it also offers a bit of peace of mind for your team, knowing that you’ve taken extra steps to keep the office as clean as possible. 

Provide Resources To Your Employees

 As we mentioned before, this is all unknown territory for any of us who don’t have a background in pandemic sciences. Some of your employees are relying on Facebook or other social media for their information, so why not provide them with accurate resources and helpful information for them and their families? Print flyers for local charities and organizations that can help a family pull together and get food on the table, in case a spouse has lost a job. Get them access to loan-forgiveness programs you know about, or any benefits that local companies are offering during this time. Share a link for a coupon for hand sanitizer that local grocery stores are running. Most resources you share don’t have to cost you anything. For those employees in a position to help, share links of your favorite charities that need particular help during this time, including nonprofits losing money due to no visitors. 

Develop Flexible Policies, Especially With Parents In Mind 

If you have any parents around your office, you know the struggle to maintain a full-time job, while also having the responsibility of child-raising happening full time is REAL. Some employees may not be able to easily head into the office as easily as others, so work with your human resources manager to develop flexible work-from-home policies that make sense for everyone. Remember: just because you are operating an essential business doesn’t mean it’s “essential” for every single person to be physically in the office at this time. Be picky and let those who can easily work remotely do that, especially if they have other responsibilities on their shoulders. 

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