Risk management solutions in San Antonio and Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Every company regardless of size needs business insurance. At SOGO Insurance we know this is simply a cost of doing business and the real value we provide our clients is a comprehensive risk management package, overall reducing their total cost of risk. At SOGO we don’t simply provide an insurance policy, because we see insurance as the last step in the risk management process. The steps leading up to insurance are where the real impact happens.  

SOGO Insurance has created risk management packages for hundreds of businesses to address a myriad of concerns such as cyber security threats, OSHA violations, Human Resource challenges and so much more. Not sure if you need risk management services? s a business owner, ask yourself the questions below. If you are unsure about any of them, contact a SOGO partner to discuss your options to protect your business.  

  • When is the last time our employee handbook was updated? 
  • When is the last time we performed a cyber security vulnerability assessment? 
  • Do we have an up-to-date cyber incident response plan? 
  • If tomorrow we received a visit from OSHA would we be prepared? 
  • Does our HR team comply with federal and state onboarding and termination practices?  
  • Do employees know how to responds in the case of an active shooter? 


Partnership with SOGO is more than an insurance policy, it’s peace of mind and a fully protected organization. Once we have identified, assessed, and addressed your organization’s risks, you can expect to experience better pricing on insurance premiums, a safer work environment, and an improved bottom line.  

Services Provided

Interactive Risk Analysis Tools

Injury and Illness Investigation Programs

Compliance Tools (OSHA, Federal and State, DOT, GHS)

Human Resource Tools & HR Hotline

Employment Policies, Cyber Security Training, and Job-Specific Safety Manuals

Return to Work Programs

OSHA Benchmarking

Fraud Reduction Programs

Worker’s Compensation Analysis

Let’s discuss your risk management.

The advisors at SOGO Insurance have provided effective risk management programs for more than 20 years ultimately improving the bottom line of hundreds of companies in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Give us a call or chat with our team now to learn how your organization can receive the same cost-saving tools. 
SOGO Insurance offers comprehensive risk management throughout San Antonio and Austin, TX, as well as surrounding areas.

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