Workers’ compensation insurance – San Antonio, TX & Austin, TX

Workers’ comp covers employees injured on the job or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses.

Who is required to have Workers Compensation Insurance in Texas? 

Workers’ compensation insurance, or simply workers’ comp insurance, is not just a legal requirement, it’s an investment in your staff’s health and security.

In Texas, workers compensation insurance is not a legal requirement to have under your business. These laws can vary state to state, but the general rule is that your business must take out a policy for employees that can payout if they are injured at work.

In principle, the workers’ comp payouts will cover medical bills, care costs, and a portion of any lost wages. Plus, in the worst-case scenario, workers’ compensation insurance will cover funeral costs and death benefits.

The Standard Texas business insurance requirements

While you can get just a workers’ compensation policy, it is recommended you bundle workers’ comp coverage with your standard, business owners policy (BOP), commercial general liability insurance, or professional liability insurance. These policies are especially essentials for a small business. 

How much is Workers Compensation Insurance In Texas?

Like all insurance, Workers Comp prices are based on your company’s unique risk. Each type of business has a unique code that can classify the industry and risk, which helps insurance carriers determine the suitable rate for your policy. For example, if you are a contractor OR restaurant owner, chances are you and your employees work in ‘hazardous’ conditions. 

The amount of hazard your company will determine your premium (among other things) for a workers comp insurance policy for your business. To minimize risk, SOGO offers Risk Management solutions with OSHA Compliance tools to help clients create specialized plans to minimize work-related injury to your employees while out on a job. 

Many workers’ compensation insurance policies go beyond the legal minimums and also provide disability benefits, retirement benefits, and can even pay your legal costs if an injured employee sues over a workplace injury. 

Let’s discuss your workers’ compensation insurance.

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