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There is Insurance for your Classic Car

Are you into the idea of letting your hair flow in the wind while cruising down the interstate in your classic Mustang? Hey, it’s technically social distancing and a COVID-approved activity, so we’ll run with it. Classic cars are becoming more and more popular to collect as many Americans are finding themselves with a bit more free time on their hands due to the Coronavirus. Anyone who has had experience working on a classic car can tell you what a time-suck it can be, but it also brings smiles and nostalgia to those who crave the restoration process. Did you know that most auto insurance policies don’t cover classic cars the way they need to be covered? We’ll explain what that means for you and your beloved hot rod. 

Classic car insurance isn’t just a marked-up version of regular old insurance. It’s a specialty insurance type made specifically for cars that qualify as “being particularly rare.” Basically, an old, gas-guzzling jalopy isn’t what we mean here. We’re talking antique cars manufactured in a certain year that have certain characteristics beyond basic models. Perhaps your grandparents cruised along the streets in one of these beauties, and now you’ve decided to restore it to its once-beautiful days. Classic car insurance allows you to get your vehicle appraised and valued from the start of the policy, so that if the car is totaled beyond repair, you will be paid on the agreed-upon value instead of just market value. You can rest assured knowing your new (and a bit expensive hobby) is being protected. 

You may find yourself being extra protective of your classic car, and rightfully so as it is a rare and beautiful piece of machinery. But you don’t have to go hiding in the garage all the time. Classic car insurance allows you to venture off (with limited usage, of course) to car shows, exhibitions, and parades so you can show off your hard work to other classic car collectors. In the event of a collision, classic car insurance will usually pay for necessary and authentic parts (not just standard parts that would normally far exceed your standard auto insurance policy because of the rarity). 

Looking for a classic car group? The Alamo City Rods Car Club is accepting members, and since COVID has affected group meet-ups, you can browse the gallery to enjoy some photos of some seriously cool classic cars. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page to see updates and photos of past car shows, so you can dream about one day showing off your hard work to all. Before you take a trip down Memory Lane (or to Lover’s Lane!) be sure to reach out to our agents so we can find you the perfect classic car insurance policy. You don’t want invest so much time, money, and emotion into a treasured antique, only to have it ruined or damaged and gone forever, leaving you with no classic car and empty pockets.

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