Starting up your Food Truck Business in San Antonio is No Small Fry

Everyone loves grabbing a locally-made, fresh-off-the-truck snack from a good old-fashioned food truck. It’s the site of a whole spectrum of food fanciness – from quick, hot burgers and fries to luxurious, butter-dipped lobster rolls. It’s not hard to enjoy your time at a food truck, whether it’s with your bae or bff on a Saturday night date, or somewhere to take the kiddos to break up the chicken nugget monotony. 

Owning a Food Truck comes with Liabilities

Owning a food truck sounds just as enjoyable as visiting one, but if you’ve ever read a business article or even heard a food truck owner talking about their personal experiences, you know that there are liabilities at every glance. What’s not to love about driving around the San Antonio-area serving delicious goodies to the best crowd ever? 

As fresh and delicious as your food truck ingredients may be, there’s always a risk someone will get food poisoning due to contaminated food that you served them. This is a very common risk, and E. Coli and salmonella are two common types of bacteria that would just love to make their home right in your food truck, causing a patron an expensive trip to the hospital emergency room for treatment. This patron may end up suing you or your business for their hospital bills and distress. 

Having a food truck means making do with what you have in a small, confined space. Most likely, you’re manning the truck full-time, but you also have to train employees on how to use the equipment. If one of your employees was injured by a malfunctioning item, you might be sued. Even the best and most loyal employee needs to pay their medical bills. 

We hope you’ve practiced driving your big, beautifully-marketed food truck around town, but just in case a pedestrian on the street is struck by your mobile business, you’re going to want a secure insurance policy to help you work through that. As distressing it would be to accidentally hit a human being, your business is likely to take on the stress of the situation as well, financially and legally, when the pedestrian sues. 

These are only three of the most common struggles that food truck business owners face. If you currently own a food truck business or were thinking of starting one up soon, consider the risks before putting food truck insurance on the back burner. 

SOGO Insurance agents are excited to help your business stay on the safe side of the industry. We’re ready to discuss your options and walk you through the nuances of any policy you may be considering. Like LeVar Burton says, “Don’t take my word for it.” SOGO is proud to feature two of our food truck clients that have been serving San Antonio patrons some seriously delicious grub. They trust SOGO to insure their food truck, and you should too.

Mobile Eatery SA has Chef Johnny Hernandez’s best work featured on the menu, at reasonable prices for all San Antonians to enjoy. It’s gourmet on the go, including treats like crispy parmesan truffle fries, juicy burgers, and other San Antonio-inspired treats like street tacos, quesadillas, and more. Find them on Instagram and other social media @mobileeaterysa 

La Gloria Margarita Truck is serving ice-cold, fresh, delicious margaritas in flavors like prickly pear, mango, and a classic house margarita. There’s even a food menu including al pastor, bistec tacos, and chips and salsa so you can fill your belly with food while enjoying the Mexican-inspired drinks.  Find them on Instagram and other social media @lagloriamargaritas. 

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