Reflections During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As you likely already know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), and we’ve been reflecting on how this infamous disease has affected families over the years. So many unfortunate things can happen to a family, like job loss, a natural disaster ruining a home or a stolen vehicle from the driveway. But nothing hits home quite as hard as a loved one receiving a severe health diagnosis like cancer. While health issues cannot be prevented in all cases, we know of a way to combat a diagnosis head-on: by tackling the problem with medical help provided by health insurance. Health insurance can make the healing and treatment process immensely helpful during a crisis and the unknown. We’ve got the lowdown on basic health insurance coverage options through group health insurance. 

What is Group Health Insurance? 

Group health insurance is a health plan purchased by an employer that provides health coverage to employees and their families. Like many things in life, the total cost usually comes out lower when a group plan is purchased due to a bulk discount. As a result, group health insurance plans are often less expensive than having employees buy individual health insurance policies, and when you’re dealing with a health crisis, any savings helps. 

Your basic group health insurance policies usually cover many needs, including health insurance, dental & vision, and life insurance. (Side note: These are the three primary insurances people tend to look for when applying to jobs, so setting up a solid plan is also helpful in the hiring process.) 

Health Insurance

Group health insurance policies usually include HMOs (Health Maintenance Org), PPOs (Preferred Provider Org), or HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) as options to receive medical care. Of course, with varying levels of convenience, the expense of these can also vary. But regardless, if you can offer health insurance as part of your employee package, your employees will feel a sense of relief for every bit of help they can receive in a medical crisis. 

Vision & Dental

You can’t work very hard with a vision impairment or tooth infection, so providing essential vision & dental can be hugely helpful to your employees. We can set this up in two different ways for your convenience: 1) employer-sponsored or 2) voluntary plans that still provide benefits to your employees at an extra cost. If you set it up, employees will be grateful for access to optometrists and dentists for their needs. 

Life Insurance

We look at it this way: no one likes to plan for death, but it is inevitable, so you might as well get ahead of the game and secure a plan to help support your family after you’re gone. Employees will appreciate access to group life insurance plans to help them with this planning. Premiums are split between employers and employees, and add-on benefits are available to extended family members for an extra cost. As a bonus, most employers receive nice tax breaks for offering group life insurance to their employees, so get signed up for group life today. 

All these benefits and more are available through SOGO Insurance. Call our helpful agents as soon as possible to discuss what’s suitable for your business model. 

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