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5 Healthy Places to eat For a Healthy Start in San Antonio

Maybe you didn’t go crazy enough to sign up for a full marathon, but January is the time of year when many San Antonians are making strides to be healthier in the coming year. Sadly, coming in at number 19, San Antonio has once again landed a spot on the infamous list of Fattest Cities in the Nation, and while we’re proud of ourselves and our culture, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to make a few critical changes in 2020 by visiting these feel-better places and focusing on healthier decisions for ourselves and our families.

Farm to Juice – Maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into the health craze after all the delicious Mexican food you’ve ingested over the past few weeks. We get it. Start slowly with some healthy, but still sweet, juices from Farm to Juice. Feeling post-holiday blues? Try a “Beet the Blues” juice, with beets, ginger, red cabbage, and more. Feeling pumped up and ready for the new year? Get a “Hot Shot” with ginger, lemon, and cayenne for a spicy cleansing boost. You’ll leave feeling “juiced up” for the new year for sure.

Pharm Table – If you’re a restaurant and you’ve been featured in The New York Times recently, chances are you’re doing something right to gain national attention. Pharm Table is busy making organic food for San Antonians while striving to create waves in the farm-to-table movement in Central Texas. Perfect for the busy bee, Pharm Table offers up convenient meal plans packed with healthy fats, protein, and veggies galore.

Natural Grocers – With two locations in San Antonio, you’re covered by Natural Grocers for healthy, delicious, and fresh healthy food and products. Of course, everything is 100% organic, and the list of standards required for certain items will have you feeling good about shopping at such an environmentally-conscious store. Who knew we’ve been shopping for eggs all wrong? You can bet that if you purchase it from Natural Grocers, that it was vetted by professionals.

Viva Vegeria – As “San Antonio’s first 100% vegan and gluten-free Tex-Mex restaurant,” Viva Vegeria has some seriously big shoes to fill, but they’ve definitely managed, serving up deliciously inspired food like nachos, flautas, enchiladas. Plan your Tex-Mex vegan trip during the weekend, because Viva Vegeria is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Bring a full belly and an open mind!

Local Health Market – Who doesn’t love an all-in-one program for getting healthier? Local Health Market is offering services to San Antonians that will have us fitting in our pants better in no time. Professionally-designed meals that can be ordered in advance and picked up (or delivered to certain zip codes!) are just one perk of the market. You can pop in and purchase ready-to-eat food and snacks. They have supplements, natural home care products, and they even have an in-house nutritionist, Sarah Treat, to help you balance your “treats” with healthy decisions. If only we could move in! 

SOGO Insurance is here for all of your life’s challenges and celebrations. We’d love to be a part of your better (and healthier!) decision-making in 2020. Let us create a perfect insurance plan for you this year. Contact our agents today for a helpful plan for your insurance needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!