Life Insurance for Children

We get it. Even researching “life insurance for children” online feels wrong, like a crime, because it’s so scary and frankly morbid, isn’t it? Nobody on the face of the earth wants to run the possibility of losing their child through their mind, so oftentimes, parents are left with an even more sad reality on top of their worst nightmare if something as awful as a child’s death occurs. Before you feel too uneasy, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Child life insurance doesn’t just have to be for the worst situation – it can be used for other sticky situations involving children, and SOGO is here to help you understand the details. 

In our last life insurance blog post, we covered the basics of life insurance, which can mostly be applied to child life insurance, including coverage of funeral and burial services, counseling costs, and leave from work. But did you know that child life insurance cost can cover other events, other than those listed above with the death of a child? 

Luckily, child life insurance can act as a form of savings. Most child life insurance policies build up a cash reserve that you can withdraw (for a fee) or use as a security on a loan. Meaning, when it’s time to finally purchase your teenager the safe car they need, you can use their life insurance policy as a little boost. Extra bonus – most policies allow the growth of the cash reserve to grow at a guaranteed rate. 

Obtaining child life insurance now can also mean that obtaining a life insurance policy later in life can be a little bit easier, especially if your child has unfortunately developed a serious medical condition in the meantime. Some policies can even last until your child is in their twenties, giving them a chance to get any medical issues under control and managed before it’s time for them to get a policy of their own. Save your kiddo some hassle by securing a policy early on. 

Rarely as a parent are there moments of true peace of mind. Our kids participate in school activities, navigate personal relationships with friends, and watch our every move in hopes of becoming equipt with the tools they need to be self-reliant. When you choose to plan for the future, you are demonstrating another great example of what it means to be a responsible adult. Child life insurance is the ultimate in prepping for the future and a way to secure a stable plan for your most precious asset. 

While child life insurance seems to be a daunting subject, our agents are fully-equipped to help you make decisions that are right for your family. There are so many options on the market, so give us a call so we can step-by-step direct you through this path while helping you create a plan for the future. Parenthood is hard, but part of our jobs as parents means supporting them, and preparing them for the future. Do your part in setting up your child for success by securing a child life insurance policy today.  

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