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June is the wettest month in San Antonio

Rain, rain, go away. San Antonians want to play! According to, “June is the wettest month in San Antonio with the average rainfall slightly north of 4.1 inches.”  Thunderstorms are frequent and tropical storms are a topic of discussion at every kitchen table. 

Of course, the rain is excellent for our tomato gardens, local wildlife, and even for our beloved surrounding bodies of water that provide hours of family entertainment throughout the summer. The grass turns bright green and the weather even cools off for a bit. But excess rain can be problematic as well. We’ve all experienced an unnerving moment or two each summer, when the rain starts to feel a little bit aggressive instead of refreshing. San Antonio and surrounding areas have already had a couple of severe storms this season that left us hiding under the staircase with our families. Low water crossings were so infamously crossed that the slogan “Turn Around: Don’t Drown” was implemented by a Texas meteorologist and the National Weather Service in 2003  to remind residents that taking a flooded road is not worth the risk of a fatal outcome. 

You don’t have to live in a flood zone to feel the detrimental effects of a San Antonio storm. Anyone in this area is at risk, so securing a good flood insurance policy is essential. Floods can cause damage to not only your actual home, but also to your personal possessions that fill your home. Major reconstruction can be required, meaning you and your family are being placed in another space for possibly months at a time while a general contractor repairs the damage. If your home was damaged, chances are homes around you were too, so quick turnaround time from any contractor is less likely while they struggle to get several homes back to livable conditions. The expenses mount exponentially, and you don’t want to be responsible for those expenses if you can protect yourself from them. 

Your homeowner’s insurance also does not automatically cover flood insurance, so it’s worth checking into. You may assume you’re all covered, but it’s actually more common for homeowner’s insurance to exclude a flood, specifically. A flood insurance policy can specifically protect you from the inconveniences of a flood caused by natural weather events, giving you and your family a huge piece of mind. Flood insurance policies are surprisingly low-cost when you weigh the benefits against the dollars you’d spend without coverage. A simple policy can work to protect your home without ruining your budget, especially if you work through your needs with our agents. 

We’ve seen the news clips of our fellow San Antonians struggling with their emotions over the loss of their home, personal possessions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars because of even one heavy batch of rain. Don’t add yourself to the long list of locals that have regretted not having a policy that can adequately protect you. We can’t stop the rain from coming, so protect your assets with a flood insurance policy that can combat the destruction that can come with it. The next time you smell rain in the air, make a note to call your SOGO insurance agent to get protection in place as soon as you can. 

In case you missed it: “Safer Summer Getaway Activities” will help you plan a sweet summer vacation without violating social distancing rules. Head out to the Texas Hill Country in your RV, and enjoy the sounds of crickets and nostalgia. When you get back from your trip, call us or use the form below to get more information about flood insurance before the next big storm hits.

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