It’s Never Too Late to Give the Best Christmas Gifts

It’s two days until Christmas Day, so we’re sure you’re all set and have every last gift perfectly wrapped and under the tree, right? Just kidding. If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a crumpled Post-it note with loved one’s names scribbled down. It’s the last minute to shop, but we’ve got you covered with some safe (and quarantine-approved) gifts this year

Gift Cards to Restaurants – If you are still sitting at work, watching the clock tick by and your shopping time fly out the window, have no fear. Don’t forget that takeout food is a big deal right now (Thanks, COVID-19) and your loved ones could always use some extra cash to grab their favorites. Many restaurants have deals during the holidays on gift card purchases, so check around your local eateries to see what you might be able to pull off. Of course, might we recommend purchasing a gift card or two (tacos for yourself, duh!) from La Gloria. If you really just can’t fathom getting your Grandma a gift card for takeout, swing into Nadler’s Bakery & Deli for a variety of Christmas treats that everyone is sure to love – from gingerbread to fruitcake, and cupcakes to a DIY Gingerbread Kit, they’ve got what you need to warm up even the Grinch’s heart.  

Small Charcuterie Board – We know you are probably skipping out on the gigantic family holiday bash you have every year, but you can still share the familiar tastes of the holidays with family and friends, even if you can’t stay to snack on it. A small charcuterie board is a good idea because your guests will pick at olives, fine cheeses, and deli meats and still feel the nostalgia of a family get-together. Even if the person or couple you’re buying for doesn’t plan to celebrate big, they still have to eat. Why not get them something that’s perfect for snacking and visiting with you over Zoom? 

Hot Chocolate Movie Night Kit – Since we’re all stuck inside and wearing our PJs already, creating a hot chocolate movie night kit for your friends is the perfect last-minute idea. Grab some hot cocoa packets, some big mugs, and of course, plenty of mini marshmallows. If you really want to be extra, include a luxurious blanket in the bag, and plan a streaming party so that you can join each other for movie night while still being socially distant. Nobody can say no to hot cocoa during the holidays. 

Christmas Morning Pancakes and Waffles Kit – If you’re really, really, really last minute and struggling for something off the top of your head, run straight for the pantry and gather a box of pancake and waffle mix and a new bottle of syrup. Place in a holiday bag and voila! You have a pancake and waffle kit ready for Christmas morning. If you have a bit more time to prepare, send some Christmas-colored sprinkles, whipped cream, and freshly-cut strawberries for some Christmas color. 

Whatever you decide to grab for your loved ones this holiday season, make sure you do it with love. The thought actually does count, so keep the Christmas spirit in your heart and reassure them that the next holiday season will be better! Stay safe, and we at SOGO wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAY and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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