It’s National Umbrella Day

Monday, February 10th is National Umbrella Day, and we’re celebrating by talking about Umbrella Insurance Coverage. Lucky for you, umbrella insurance comes in two main types from SOGO – commercial and personal – so we’ve got you covered no matter what you’re up to this year. We all know what umbrellas do – they are kind of our all-inclusive fix for staying dry in the midst of a storm. That’s exactly what umbrella insurance does – it covers up all the nooks and crannies that other insurance policies can leave open. You may think you’re good to go when it comes to any kind of insurance, but at SOGO, we won’t let you down. We can tell you exactly what coverage you’re missing out on, and if umbrella insurance is the right way to fix the gap. 

Your Coverages

Personal Umbrella Insurance – When it comes to personal umbrella insurance, it really just means a way to stop the “rain” aka the liability from ruining your day, or year. Say you had a home insurance or auto insurance policy. Now add in an unfortunate accident that you end up being held liable for. As much of a bummer as it is to already owe, imagine finding out that what your normal insurance policy paid out doesn’t exactly cover all the fees you’re responsible for. Normally, you’d personally be responsible for the remainder, but an umbrella policy can cover the remainder, without breaking your bank. You’d think a personal umbrella insurance policy would be expensive since it saves you from a ton of hassle, but that’s a common misunderstanding. Personal umbrella insurance can end up being a totally reasonable expense, and a huge breath of relief. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance – With commercial umbrella insurance, you can expect the same situation, but the risk involved can be much larger. Unfortunately, any damages that aren’t covered by your normal commercial insurance policy will need to be paid out, and if you don’t have the umbrella coverage you need, you could end up losing everything you’ve worked so hard to create. Losing your business isn’t worth skipping out on such a hugely important policy. Chances are, every expense is important to your business, down to the brand of sticky notes you order, but having a commercial insurance policy won’t break the bank. In fact, for what it’s worth in saving your company from having to foot the bill of a payoff remainder, it’s definitely worth the expense in the long run. Your business has plenty of bigger fish to fry, so consider a commercial umbrella policy to protect your assets. 

Are you ready to get under our umbr-ella, ella, ella? We thought so. Protect your loved ones with a personal umbrella insurance policy by ensuring you’re not ruining your personal financial situation. Protect your hard-earned business by getting the exact commercial umbrella insurance policy that will protect you from lawsuit damages and breaking your business bank account. Don’t leave yourself out in the cold rain with no coverage. Umbrella insurance is the perfect way to protect everything you find special. 

In case you missed it: “Groundhog Day – Philanthropy in San Antonio” has got some philanthropic spring events coming up that will make you feel the warm fuzzies inside. After you plan your charitable events, give us a call or email us and let us know what insurance policies you’d like to talk through.