From Business to Personal, Cover your Assets on National Insurance Awareness Day

June 28th marks National Insurance Awareness Day, and we’re here for the party! OK, there’s no party, but there is plenty of coverage to go around for both business owners and those needing personal insurance. The whole point of National Insurance Day is to take a step back and evaluate what coverage you have, and what you may not know you need, so we’re here to help you do just that. 

Insurance Coverage for Business Owners

You’ve already bitten the bullet and opened a business, so now you need to take the next huge step and take a good look at your business coverage. There are too many things that could go wrong in the office or onsite, but SOGO offers all the coverage you could possibly need, including the “normal” stuff like Business Owners Insurance, General Liability, Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, and more. But don’t get caught in a situation where you wish you would have contacted us sooner about certain types of more “niche” coverage, like Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, and Risk Management. Your employees will appreciate you when you go above and beyond to provide stellar Employee Benefits as well.

Insurance Coverage for Personal Use

It’s not really a whole lot of fun to think about disasters and all the things that could go wrong in your personal life, but the reality is that things happen, both good and bad, and you need to get your ducks in a row. Life insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance, and Condo Insurance are just a few examples of coverage that SOGO offers, but we’re hoping your life is even more exciting and begs the need for other types of coverage, like RV Insurance, Wedding Insurance, Valuable Possessions Insurance, Travel Insurance, and even Pet Insurance. #insurancecoveragegoals

Next Steps

We know you’re asking, “Ok, well what the heck am I supposed to do now with all of that information? I’m suddenly feeling a little bit like a newborn.” Well, no worries. We just threw a lot of information at you, but here’s our advice: Bust out the chips and queso, throw a little “Policy Party” for yourself while you take a good look at your coverage, and contact our team to talk you through it. We can help you get started, or upgraded, to whatever policies make sense for your life. Let’s go through the details, and prevent a bad situation, or worse, legal situation, from happening. Getting the right insurance coverage doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you do it with SOGO. Celebrate #insuranceawarenessday with us, and call us soon! (Especially if you finally get that RV.)

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