Four Places to Go Fishing With Dad

Father’s Day 2020 is right around the corner, on Sunday, June 21. COVID-19 has changed a lot of our summer plans, but it doesn’t have to change Father’s Day. Lucky for us, there are several places still open for fishing, and that’s pretty much all we can ask for, right? Fishing is just one of those activities that feel good for everyone involved. Grab the kiddos and celebrate yourself. Ask your dad or another father-figure or special father in your life to join you. If you’ve lost your dad, then head out to the calm waters and reflect on those memories you’re grateful for. Fishing is good for the soul, so treat yourself to a day on the boat with those you love.

Blanco State Park – Head out to beautiful Blanco, Texas to fish in lightly-treaded waters. Don’t forget to bring your own fishing poles and other needed materials, as equipment rentals are currently closed. Advanced day pass registration is required, so make your Father’s Day plans sooner rather than later!

Braunig & Calaveras Lake -One pass will get you into both of these power plant reservoir lakes, stocked with red drum, largemouth bass, striped bass, and channel catfish. COVID restrictions include: no more than 4 per boat, no use of public picnic areas, and a store closure. But the fish are ready and biting so head out.

Medina Lake – Located about 40 miles NW of SA, Medina Lake offers two boat launch stations, one located in Plum Creek Cove off Park Road 37, and the other located in Mico off Hwy 1283. The lake boasts largemouth bass, white and hybrid striped bass, and channel, blue, and flathead catfish. Fees are required, so call ahead.

Speaking of those you love, that trusty ol’ boat of yours has really provided you with ours of fun over time. But as a boat owner, you know owning a boat is not the easiest feat. Anything could happen to your boat, on and off the water, so it’s important that you secure a watercraft insurance policy to ensure those hours of fun will turn into years without breaking the bank.

Of course, you can secure a standard insurance policy that covers physical damage to your boat, including fire, collision, severe weather, theft, or vandalism. This standard policy will generally include liability as well, which is good news if you damage another person’s boat, along with any legal costs that could come with that accident. But did you know you need to consider adding an extension to your policy that covers the actual physical possessions in your boat? That $300 fishing pole has reeled in some beauties for you, but if that pole is either damaged or stolen, you could be unprotected and left with a useless stick and an empty heart. You might also consider purchasing tow coverage. None of us plan for a beautiful day on the water to end in breaking down in the water, but if it happens, you’ll want to cover towing for the slow ride back to shore.

Don’t forget to register your boat/motor with the State of Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife has online registration for these and other marine items on their website at You can also purchase your fishing license online at as well. Thank goodness for online business! We hope you enjoy your upcoming Father’s Day and hope you catch your limit out there!

In case you missed it: “June is the wettest month in San Antonio” breaks down why you need floor insurance in this city of low water crossings. We’re no strangers to floods in SA, so SOGO is here, waiting to help you secure a policy that will not leave you standing knee-deep in disaster and financial ruin. Call our agents about a policy today.