Five Things You Must Do When Hurricane Season Hits

We’ve been there before. San Antonio residents don’t necessarily feel the first hit of the hurricane, but we do feel the after effects even hours after a hurricane hits the ground. Take a few minutes of planning and care to prepare yourself and your family for the inevitable storms that are bound to hit. 


You’re probably aware that flood insurance is separate from homeowners insurance on most insurance policies, so the very first thing you need to do is check with your SOGO agent on making sure you’re properly covered. After you’ve covered the paperwork trail, do a quick home inventory and start a spreadsheet of valuables, including serial numbers, photos, and cost. Doing this will help with damage claims if that is an unfortunate reality for your home. Take a preventative step before the storm hits by securing all outdoor furniture, and trim dangling trees so the hard rains won’t damage your home. Since this is Texas, it’s worth mentioning to any firearms owners that you should secure your property so that nothing dangerous floats away.


Nobody likes waiting in long lines for gas, especially when you’re being rained on, so head out early and fill up your tank in case of last minute travel or escape. Prepare an emergency box to keep in the trunk full of non-perishable snack bars, bottles of water, flashlights (with new batteries!), and an extra set of clothes or two. Double check with your SOGO agent to make sure your car is insured for weather disasters.


Don’t forget about your four-legged friends in your storm preparation. They’re involved in the storms, but can’t speak up to tell you what they need, so anticipate a few important things, including making sure their shots and ID tags are all up to date and being worn. Dust off the carriers in case you have to grab them quickly for travel, and put together an emergency bag that has pet food, water bottles, a blanket, and maybe a favorite snuggle buddy stuffed toy to ease the stress of displacement.


Your family might be a little irked if you mark yourself “safe” on Facebook before you get in touch with them about how you and your home really are, so establish a communication plan with family members in advance. Start a group text with anyone you’ll want to keep up to date, and create an evacuation plan for your family, in case of a hurried exit. Gather up your important documents in a waterproof container, and prepare an overnight bag with dry clothes, medication, cash, and more flashlights.

Overall, be extremely cautious and be safe when the storms hit. But contact us about the tools you need to protect your biggest asset before the extreme weather leaves you desperate for answers. SOGO offers a multitude of policies, including home insurance and RV insurance, so that you can get back to preparing for the inevitable storm with no extra worries. Whether you’re already a SOGO homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policy-holder, we’re here to provide the extra coverage you need, like flood insurance, to be fully covered. Let our team begin working on a solution that’s perfect for your needs.

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